The Story of Rachel by K.D. McLean

the story of rachel

Reviewed by Desere:

Remember 50 Shades of Grey and how good it felt that after all the hype of it containing an overwhelming amount of sex, that in the end it was still a romance of two people finding true love, well I do and I am yet to find that again in a erotica, this time however I am delighted to say I found it!

Most "50 shades like" books have the sexual high but not the emotion and romance I as reader like, I either walk away with "OK that was hot sexual scenes but where was the romance" or " Such lovely romance but lacking the d/s sexual heat!".

In the story of Rachel I found both and as I said the only other erotica book to have delivered both was the 50 Shades trilogy. So hats off to the author K.D. McLean, you nailed it or rather you nailed Michael!

The book is about one person being able to fix another that reckons he is beyond repair. And on another level about one person being the master and ruler of a lost soul.

The author made her characters unique with the heroine Rachel, being a real go getter and not the kind to back down until she has everything she wants in her hands or should I say the object of her attraction in her hands!

As for the hero Michael,  now he was truly unique as he soon after meeting Rachel discovers she is everything he wants but this totally freaks him out and thinking he can push her away with suggestion of non vanilla sex but it turns out to not works so well as Rachel wants it all and is not about to let go, and here is where I as reader felt like jumping for joy as the author showed me how the broken gets fixed, but using mind blowing emotion combined with red hot passion.

The characters were well written however, the true meaning of the dialogue was at times lost on me as reader as references to the Canadian world were often made left me thinking "Huh, what is that", and that is why I give this one a 4 and not a 5.

As I think it important that the readers know what they are reading, yes we must all learn new things but if one has never been to a certain country and not knowing what the references are about, it is almost as if your standing on the outside looking on at people having a laugh at your expense. I would say the author needed to elaborate a little more to make it easier on the non Canadian readers.  But yes aside from that the book was everything a fan of erotica could ask for.

You have the two unique characters entering a world of dominance vs submissive and true romance vs scorching hot sex. Then there was also and this one I really liked, the author let the inner emotions of her characters be portrayed through touch, it was as if the author was exposing her characters and their sexual needs to me as reader layer by layer, and no I do not mean through them removing their clothes and getting down and dirty straight away, all though I must tell you those parts were truly hot enough to let any reader take a cold shower, but she lets their actions speak of how good they can be for one another and as we all know actions speak louder than words , and with books being all about words the author did a spectacular job at laying it out to me as reader through the "non actual words part " but rather the actions taken.

A story of sex turning into love with a dangerous twist!

Excellent work, and because this was book 1 of Pandora's tales I know I can expect a part 2 which means I will get to read more about some very fascinating secondary characters that were floating in the background

4/5 star review

"A read so hot it will leave you seeking dominance"