The Taming of a Wild Child by Kimberly Lang

The Taming of a Wild Child

Reviewed by Desere

In the second book of the LeBlanc sisters I finally got to go inside the head of Lorelei. In book one I found her fascinating and intriguing and I could not wait to find out just why she is the wild child she is.

I was once again stunned into awe by the author's unique manner to convey the feeling of being alone while being surrounded by hundreds, to such a deep extent it leaves one with the deeper understanding of life. The story gave way to showing Lorelei as a lost daughter trying to prove that the once bad girl really wants to try and be the good daughter for once.

But to be one is harder than it seems and when she wakes up in bed with the one and only sex on legs, I'll rock your world , all round bad boy Donovan St. James, her dreams seem temporarily shattered, along with her sexual senses!

Quickly making an exist, of quite the comical kind I might add, and both vowing to never speak of the night again, Lorelei reckons her reputation is in tact but soon discoverers otherwise. Now instead of going on the "run" by ignoring the whole situation, after all we all know that laughing it off is a valid and accepted technique to put a end to rumours, she falls right back into the bad boy's arms, and soon discovers she has an addiction to the bad boy and it cannot be satisfied with anyone else.

The main charters were brilliantly brought to live by the author as she quickly let me not only get into the frame of mind of Lorelei but also of Donovan and let me see as reader that both have some hang up's that if not addressed could mean disaster for this awesome couple.

Lorelei was the one fighting for a role she wants and Donovan the one trying to force her out of her prim and proper shell, or rather clothes, as the sex in this one got as hot and sweaty as the heat of New Orleans!

The dialogue was entertaining and fun, but also delved deep into a world of perfect images, lost dreams and attractions of the never happening kind. The descriptions of characters, settings and scenes were all so vividly done by the author that I found myself being able to feel the sweat, taste the attraction and picture the life of two people coming up against more than they can handle.

I loved how the author gave me the strong and powerful message of letting go and finally facing up to be the person you truly are inside no matter what others think, it is the only thing in life that will make you happy, as being someone your not never ends well.  And much like Lorelei it will leave you feeling empty and alone even when your standing exactly where you wanted to me with the image of perfection being shown to those around you.

Now aside from the beautiful message, crazy sexual heat and amazing characters this book also had one other thing going for it, that being it had the WOW factor but not the "Oh, yeah I remember reading that
one" kind but rather , the I will forever feel connected to the characters and always remember the moment when the author proved why she is able to get to the real feelings and emotions of a situation  across to the reader, and make them stick in your memory and in your heart kind. And that ladies I am sure you will all agree is the very best kind.

This was a compelling, sexy, sensual and all round feel good read. I will not be surprised when this one hits the best seller list.  The author also touched base with some very interesting secondary characters that I am hoping will get their own book. Kimberly you have not only once again found your way into my happy readers heart, this time you touched my soul.

5/5 star review
"Waking up in the arms of the town bad boy is exactly where she want to be"