Romancing the Seas by Cait O'Sullivan

Romancing the Seas

Reviewed by Desere

Personally I have always thought it would be incredible to take a trip on a cruise around the world, the wonders one would see, the smell of the ocean, the sights of sea life around you and best of all soaking up the sun, and if there is a hot, sexy man to bring me some drinks, all the better!

After reading this spectacular book I am more determined to make it happen, as this author did one amazing job at letting me be taken away on a journey of romance and passion out on the open seas.

The characters of Pippa and Jonathan were incredible, both having so much fire and spunk it had me in bouts of laughter one minute and bordering on tears the next. I loved how the author let them first have a real proper go at each other before simply falling straight into bed before having spoken two proper sentences, as happens very often in books of the contemporary romance line and that does not make for bad reading however, I  like to have a bit of argument and going toe to toe moments before getting to the passionate and complicated parts. It gives me as reader the spark I need to let the characters really speak to me, and boy oh boy did they speak to me!

But of course what made this one all the more spunky was the fact that they both cannot give into their attraction due their work, now if your thinking hot and heated sneaked moments your absolutely right and it was fabulous! I could not put this read down! The sensual heat level in this one was scorching and when I say you need to make sure you have some form of a refreshment while reading I mean it, it got hotter than hot!

The author also did a really incredible job at describing the surroundings, I could taste the salty breeze and hear the ocean, it was so descriptive and vivid it was as if I was Pippa living the dream, if the dream of being in the arms of Johathon or the dream of being out on the ocean, that is undecided at this point as I am at a loss to decide which dream sounds better, and that is all thanks to the author for creating both character and setting so perfectly!

This is a compelling, sexy, sensual read and the perfect read to take you away from all your troubles, you will be lost from the start and as myself never want to return to the real world again.

Excellent work Cait!
5/5 star review
" Get thrown into the arms of your boss and left breathless wave after wave"