Heir to a Desert Legacy by Maisey Yates

Heir to a Desert Legacy

Reviewed by Desere

This is the latest read from author Maisey Yates who always somehow makes her books seem hotter than the previous ones and yet she only takes new characters and a different plot, so the secret as to how she makes it hotter than the previous one is still a mystery.

In Heir to a desert legacy I was introduced to a seriously hot Sheikh Sayid he was not a average tormented hero, no this one ladies had more demons to fight off than the grains of sand in the desert!

He has been taught to never feel as when you get emotionally involved you fail. And as the temporary ruler of  Attar getting emotionally involved with anyone could mean the loss of his country and the lives of many destroyed, as he has learned in the past "Let your guard down and you'll end up in a hell hole with your own people being your worst enemy".

He gets slammed dunked into a lie he has no way out of if he is to save his late brother and sister in law's legacy. The lie, telling the people of Attar that the woman by his side is not the mother of the six week old baby who happens to be the future ruler of Attar. No, he informs his people that Chloe is the nanny and protector of the baby and will remain in Attar for a certain time period.

But Chloe being the logical science nerd and always trying to access her feelings gets to a point where letting go of her "son" is just not something she is able to do and thus she not only lets her logical thinking leave her mind but comes to a compromise which is to marry Sayid, remain his wife until the child is of age and able to rule the country, and then leave. Easier said than done if Sayid is the sexy viral male standing in front of you!

The characterization was brilliant, I could not only hear Sayid as he spoke words of tenderness during moments when he lets the chains of darkness fall but I could actually smell him and his richly expensive scent, feel his touch, and actually visualise his eyes changing from dark and unfeeling to filled with love and emotion.

The dialogue was one of wit, deeper meaning but also of intelligence as the author laid out scientific facts not known to me before. I loved the backdrop setting of Attar and it just perfectly fell into place with the emotions of both Chloe and Sayid and also let me as reader fully comprehend what the significance between the desert being the most deserted place of earth and Sayid being all alone even though being surrounded by people, was.

This was a compelling and mind blowing read and *wink wink* I will never look at honey in the same way!
5/5 star review
"Breaking the chains of war one soul searing kiss at a time"  

Review by TashNz

I've read a few heart tugging emotional stories lately so it was nice to change it up with Sayid and Chloe from Heir to a Desert Legacy by the super talented Maisey Yates.  While the reason behind their meeting each other was sad, it was a breath of fresh air to have the Hero and heroine have a common ground that didnt start out by tension, fighting or revenge.  I cant find the words to describe how masterfully this tale was woven together.
Sheikh Sayid and Chloe are two strangers thrown together after family tragedy   Sayid finds his orphaned nephew in the care of the baby's Aunt Chloe. Sayid's nephew is the future king of Attar and it's his job to take him home.  Peacefully they both reach an agreement and Chloe follows the pair back to Attar to assist in the care of her nephew.  While they're together it doesn't take them long to realise they've both got reasons to feel wronged by the world and are both suffocating in their internal mind-jails and being thrown together makes them start to question and fight their own outlooks on life.
Heir to a Desert Legacy has imagery that is rich with beautiful descriptions. I had a one way ticket to Attar care of my imagination and I didnt want to come back.  I appreciated that there wasn't the usual tension caused arguments as such, it was more like lots of lively debate.  Heir to a Desert Legacy is full of the traditional elements that make a classic Presents journey but twisted with a totally modern aspect, I really liked that.  I cant give examples without giving the story line away but I really wanted to mention that I thought Maisey Yates has done a fantastic job to make Heir to a Desert Legacy modern with the usual weave of  "Presents" elements.
I absolutely adored, loved and laughed with Chloe. I was almost rolling on the floor laughing when one of her responses was "Say what now?" or "Did he take a helicopter? Did he walk? Magic carpet?"  I also loved that she was clearly intelligent and I can see that her character's career was well thought to help paint why she was who she was and not just plucked out of the air.  How refreshing it was to have her speak her mind when most of us would not have been brave enough.  Sayid, one of the most handsomest, hottest, strongest and loyal Sheikh's ever, is also one of THE most tortured hero's I've come across in a long while. He 200% deserves a happy-ever-after! 
I'm very very much looking forward to reading Alik's story, a recurring character in a Heir to a Desert Legacy, book two, Heir to a Dark Inheritance.