A Legacy of Secrets by Carol Marinelli

Reviewed by Desere

Families no matter how rich or how poor all have secrets. Some secrets can tear the family apart and it can take years to repair the damage, other secrets can destroy lives to the point of no return and never to be undone.

But such secrets all have the same effect, they emotionally and physically destroy the person from the inside,and can make them cold-hearted and unfeeling.

In this read I was shown by the author that secrets are sometimes a good thing, but also when the right person comes along they will show you that it is time for those some secrets to be revealed in order to start a healing process.

The characters of Ella and Santo were both well written and easy to connect to. I liked that Ella is so efficient  in using her "Santo bag" to solve the problems of the very sexy wrap-your-ankles-around-me-and-I'll -show-you-heaven-Santo, but also that the author brings her to a point where no amount of tricks from the bag can safe her from what lies ahead.

I really liked that the author took Santo and peeled back his secret layers, thus showing the bad-boy reforming to a man of true worth.

The backdrop setting was truly magical and very calming at times, but also bordered on the disturbing level but in a good way as this showed that the author projected her characters emotions of confusion through the chaos that is shown in the background.

The dialogue was very emotional in the sense that there was almost no time for fun or play for these characters, just one emotional crisis after the other.This however did not take away any of the book's sexiness, romance or passion as the author used it to her advantage, and brought me to tears so bad had anyone been watching me they would have thought someone in the book had just died. Yes I cried that bad!

This sensual level of this read was amazing as the author really revved up the heat between Santo and Ella. Being a continuing series the author perfectly captured the ending by leaving room for these characters to return at a later stage in a upcoming book.

I recommend this read for all Carol Marinelli fans that knows this author always delivers and ensures that her endings are heartfelt and magical.

5/5 star review
" Secrets are meant to be revealed in order for love to be found" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

A Legacy Of Secrets by Carol Marinelli

This is the first book in Sicily's Corretti Dynasty Series. There is a prequel available for free by Carol Marinelli titled Uncovering The Correttis.

Ella has decided to escape her nightmare life in Australia, and travel to Sicily to have a fresh start. Embarrassed by her families dark secret she is praying no one discovers the truth. She is determined to make a name for herself in the film industry as a director, and will let nothing get in her way, not even her boss that she has been attracted to since the first day they met. I really felt for Ella's character in more ways than one.

Santo Corretti goes though women and PA's faster than you can blink your eyes. Santo's being attractive and rich has women throwing themselves at him. So there is never a shortage. He has been attracted to Ella since the day she first walked in looking for work. Ella might not be the best personal assistant he has ever had, but she seems to always have her "Santo Bag" ready when needed. But Ella is the one woman he can't stop thinking about, maybe because she refuses to be just another one night stand.

Accepting a new job, Ella gives into the passion that has been brewing for months between these two. But will she be able to walk away when the time comes. And let me tells you Carol Marinelli writes some really good passionate scenes. I mean WOW ... Good thing there was some ice. The bedroom might have caught fire otherwise.

I was unsure how this story was going to resolve, but was very pleased with the outcome. Santo went from a player to a Hero by the end of this book. 

Looking forward to reading the entire series that is listed below.

A Legacy Of Secrets by Carol Marinelli
An Invitation To Sin by Sarah Morgan
A Shadow Of Guilt by Abby Green
An Inheritance Of Shame by Kate Hewitt
A Whisper Of Disgrace by Sharon Kendrick
A Facade To Shatter by Lynn Raye Harris
A Scandal In The Headlines by Caitlin Crews
A Hunger For The Forbidden by Maisey Yates

5/5 stars

Review by TashNz

Book one of the Corretti Dynasty (unless you include the fab prequel) where we meet Santo who is currently producing a film which by the way, stars a Book II main character, Taylor. Santo is used to wearing out his PA's in more way than one which is why they never last. Ella has never fallen for Santo's charm and it's probably why they've lasted so long working together.

The book opens when Ella gets the usual early morning call from Santo to pick him up from some ungodly place and this time Ella needs to drive him and his brother who's just been left at the aisle back to Santo's apartment. It's all on, things are so chaotic that Ella doesn't really have time or can find the right time to break it to Santo she's moving on. Ella's dream is to be a director and she's getting zilch support from Santo so makes a break and decides to look after number one. Whether it's because she knows she's leaving Santo or whether he catches her in a weak moment they spend a magical night together. Due to circumstances beyond his control Santo ends up letting Ella take over the director's role. In amongst all this we learn about Santo, what makes him tick, characters that feature in further stories about the Corretti's and the deep seated family loyalty Ella feel's obligated to uphold when she has to face what her family may think if they know she's "sort of" seeing a Corretti.

Book One and Two are a match made in heaven, both assist in helping you understand each character and where their head's at. The points of view fantastic and the background stories are like little pieces of jigsaw that all fit together in the end. In saying that you can read each story as a stand alone or in order, it doesn't matter. I read this one 4th and every little piece of information is like a jem of understanding.

I love continuity stories, especially the Bad Blood (Notorious Wolves) series but this one, I have to say is the BEST YET!!!