Tempted Into Danger by Melissa Cutler

Reviewed by Desere

Most people believe they can make a difference in the world by creating some awesome invention and most do, but not everyone believes they can save the world and then actually go out and do it by defeating low life scum bags that are set on destroying human life.

And those are the hero's every woman dream of, strong, sexy, powerful and deadly, but the drawback is that he is also the kind to never stick around in one place, and sheltering his heart against any emotion is the just part of the job.

However if there is one thing that can bring such a hero to his knees it is the love of a good woman. But when that woman is the target of deadly intent, protecting her at all costs and not letting your heart get attached is two things that cannot be separated as true love is the most deadliest weapon of them all.

In this read the author took a true action hero Special Agent Santero, his mission in life is to protect and serve in every sense of the word, he always delivers his assets, has never failed a mission and does not intend to start any-time soon. He focuses solely on making sure his current asset Vanessa gets from point A to B. However the mission takes on a deadly turn and re-calculating his plan of action takes them into a world of danger.

Which of course being the ultimate soldier he is he has no problem in handing, only shielding himself from the overwhelming emotions for Vanessa proves more than he can handle. And soon this hero is facing something so much more dangerous than the barrel of a gun.

The characters of Diego and Vanessa were both written so brilliantly that any reader would instantly fall in love with both. Diego is not only the ultimate let-me-take-you-now-and-I'll-blow-your-mind hero but will tempt any woman into taking on some of the worlds most dangerous criminals. Yes ladies believe me the man even manages to make maths sound sexy ! But he is also a man who buried his soul many years ago, and I loved that the author made him the action hero with a broken spirit, that needs to be brought out from hiding.

Vanessa on the other hand was the opposite to Diego, yes she does have some issues stemming from her childhood but she deals with them almost in a "I take it from day to day" kind of approach as oppose to hiding out. I absolutely adored how the author took her from "average" citizen to bring it on heroine. There are not many woman that will be able to go from weak  mode to shoot you where stand mode and best of all still find the courage to grab the man she wants with both hands!

The backdrop setting of Panama was exquisitely described by the author, so much so that I could feel the rain on my skin, smell the plants, hear the rivers and touch the fear when danger lurks. The dialogue was not only exciting to read as Diego and Vanessa go head to head in moments of conflict so powerful it got to the
 " I am going to beat these two with a stick" moment more than once, but also laced with emotion and drama that brought me to tears for fear these characters might not make it.

A message of letting go of the past and being a better person vs making the world a better place vs combining the two was brought home by the author in a exceptional and spectacular action filled ending.

I highly recommend this read for those who love red hot passion, action packed taking down criminals the ultimate hero style, mind blowing revealing moments of betrayal and buried secrets and love conquers all reads.

I can with confidence say this read will for sure make it to the best sellers list.
5/5 star review
" Protecting her is easy but loosing his heart is the most dangerous mission this hero will ever face" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker
Tempted into Danger (ICE: Black Ops Defenders #1)
Tempted Into Danger has just about everything you could want in a book. It is action packed, full of suspense and has passionate love scenes. You have an attempted kidnapping, an ambush, car and helicopter chases, a snake, gun fights and a Hero any woman would want. It totally made this reader happy.

Vanessa Crosby works for Riobank in Panama as a senior analyst. With a brilliant mathematical mind that is easily bored, she has developed a computer algorithm program that can detect bulk cash movements that will help find criminal money laundering. Now her brilliant mind has caught the eyes of The Department of Homeland Security and the Chiara brothers, three Italian mercenaries.

Diego Santero “Devil” heads a team of five agents which work for ICE. He is a man that knows how to get the job done no matter what. He never fails and he will bring the asset “Vanessa” in safely or die trying. They have been sent to bring Vanessa in, but when Diego and Vanessa are ambushed near the safe house he orders the team to do a Leroy “ head to their own safe places”. Knowing they have a leak in the department is hard to know who to trust.

Sometimes in novels you get a great hero and an OK heroine. Or sometimes it is the other way around. Not in this case. I enjoyed both characters. She was smart, witty, a fighter, beautiful and no whip. He was strong, caring, confident, cocky, smart on his feet, a quick thinker. I loved how they helped each other, their conversations and I felt an instant connection with these two. You also meet members of Diego’s team Alicia (Phoenix), Ryan (Eight Ball), John (Thriller), Rory (Ghost Rider),

I have to admit I did have a few questions that I just didn’t get answers to. But trust me it does not take away from this book. This is a captivating page turner. I love when a book grabs my attention and holds it and I don’t stop reading it until I see THE END.

I highly recommend this book to any readers who enjoy romance or suspense. Melissa is being added to my MUST READ LIST.

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.