Captive In The Spotlight by Annie West

Reviewed by Nas

CAPTIVE IN THE SPOTLIGHT by author Annie West is a Mills & Boon Modern release for March 2013.

Domenico Volpe wants to keep the woman who was responsible for shattering his family kept out of the limelight. Because now she has been released from prison and doubtless would seek revenge.

Lucy Knight just wants to put everything which happened to her in the past few years behind and move forward with a new start. But would the paparazzi leave her? Then Domenico offers help, dare she accept his offer? After all, he is part of the enemy!

She is forced to accept Domenico’s help and he whizzes her off to a private island. But living in proximity with him, sparks fly. And old passions are awakened. Would they take action? And could Domenico trust his own instincts regarding Lucy’s guilt?

CAPTIVE IN THE SPOTLIGHT has all our favorite ingredient of innocent romance, guilt, revenge and emotional and sensual tension. Filled with strong characters, snappy and witty dialogue, it also has tender sweet and exciting moments. Author Annie West has written a warm, engrossing and fascinating romance story that kept my interest riveted from beginning to end.

 Highly recommended and well worth reading!

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Review By TashNz

I didnt realise until I closed the last page that I'd figuratively held my breath the whole way through the epic journey that Captive in the Spotlight took me on.

As a regular follower of Annie West's website and her many awesome blogs contributions Captive in the Spotlight shot to the top of my TBR list because I thought it sounded like an original, interesting and boundary-pushing plot line for a Presents story.   

We meet Lucy as she's being released from Prison.  She's overwhelmed by the paparazzi harassing her.  When they corner her she's offered an escape route by Domenico.  Lucy has no option but to accept.  Lucy would do anything to forget her past but she can't forget and relives every painful moment that caused her to end up in prison when Domenico takes his home, back to the scene of the crime.  The paarazzi is relentless so they escape to a beautiful island.

Captive in the Spotlight had me at Hello. I was captured by the opening chapter. The story flawlessly flowed and I'm really happy with how everything was tied up at the end.  I think Annie West did a fantastic job of keeping my interest because I couldn't guess how the happy ever after was going to come about but when it did it was neat and tidy and I closed the last page with a PHEW sigh! I conclude that it IS an original (for me), interesting and boundary-pushing plot. I loved it.

The behind the book section for Captive in the Spotlight is well worth the visit after.

Another top class read by the amazing Annie West. 5 bright and shiny stars!

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine what it must be like in prison, being away from people you love, not having the every day surroundings most of us are use to, but if you have done the crime as they say it is time to pay by doing your time.

If however you are innocent I think being trapped inside four walls can be the worst experience of your life as you know that the truth is out there but there is nothing you can do to prove your innocence while being held. 

In this read from the wonderfully talented Annie West I was taken behind the scenes of what one would need to face when finally released and what the impact on lives can be when the truth is finally revealed, and how truly awful it can be when having to face the paparazzi and their relentless approach at getting a story.

The characters of Domenico and Lucy were both pure delight. I loved that the author took a different approach to the love found at last, never before have I read about the heroine coming from prison and into the arms of the hero. 

It is usually the they meet and fall for each other with spectacular fashion, but seeing the heroine as almost a tortured soul and blossoming into the woman that saves our hero was a brilliant new and exciting development.

The backdrop setting of a secluded estate was perfect for this book as it gave the characters the perfect change for things to get well and heated, think trapped with no where to go while being seduced by a sexy,ruthless man on a mission.

I also liked the idea that she returns to the scene of the crime it was the perfect touch from the author to take me as reader back to where it started and slowly letting it all unfold and eventually burst into flames of passion and truth.

The dialogue was classic Annie West, sexy, sexy, sexy ! I could feel the emotions bouncing off the characters, feel the insecurities slipping away and see the happy ending coming. I could not get enough of this read and I wanted it to go on forever, read it in one sitting.

I highly recommend this read for anyone and everyone looking for romance of a different kind,if you think all romance books are the same this is the one that will show you that not all is as it seems.

5/5 star review 
" The truth will set you free and into the arms of the man of your dreams"