The Seven Day Target by Natalie Charles

The Seven-Day Target

Reviewed by Desere

Suspense, action, red hot passion, and a kick ass hero! This read was awesome!

The story is about, good looking , I-will save-you from-all- danger hero and special agent, Nick.Coming back to his home town for a funeral he does not have any plans to be thrown head first into a encounter with his ex fiancĂ©e  Libby.

She broke his heart and she and his broken heart needs to stay in the past, it is just better that way. But when Libby 's life is threatened by a serial killer she kind of has no choice but to ask Nick to save her, and the protection comes at a high cost.

Not only did this read have loads of action enough to make Die Hard look like some weak chick flick but it had so much more awesome reading goodness that was definitely way better!

I loved the main characters both really very much. Both strong willed, set in their ways and the fact that Libby had a secret as to just why she left Nick made the tension so very good! And I mean really good, as in ladies you will not be able to put this one down, heck you will be tossing and turning at night with curiosity!

Seriously do not start reading this book late at night , you will end up tired the next day, but ok at least you will be highly impressed,but you will still be sleep deprived, as trust me once you start this one there is no way you will want to stop!

Being a new author to me and not having read any of Natalie's books before I was and still am very honoured to have picked up this read as it is one that will stay with me as one of the best romantic suspense's of our time.

The author really packed her heart and soul into this one, I could feel the emotions pouring out at me as reader, and it left me mind blown!

I highly recommend this read for all those out there that love loads of action with their romance.
5/5 star review

"Seven suspenseful, sexy, sensual , serial killer days of romance"

Reviewed by Nas

THE SEVEN-DAY TARGET by Natalie Charles is a Harlequin Romantic Suspense releasing in April 2013.

Elizabeth Andrews had broken off her relationship with Nick and had tried to move on. Yet here he was telling her that she was the target of a serial killer.

Could she accept his help now? After all she had secrets she wanted hidden from Nick. And the chemistry between them still sizzled. The attraction was still there.

THE SEVEN-DAY TARGET’s premise is exciting and the story keeps you involved from the very first page. The danger of a serial killer always a step ahead is very real. And the ticking clock keeps the story fast paced and thrilling.

Natalie Charles brought a steamy tale that sparkles with plenty of sizzle, sensuality, emotions, passion and mesmerizing romance. A gripping tale of second chances, past secrets and unexpected attractions.

Review by TashNz

Wow! Loved every page!

This is the first Harlequin Romantic Suspense I have read and I have to say DO NOT read it curled up on the couch by yourself in the dark... I was continuously peeking up at every little creak I heard, The Seven-Day Target was THAT good!!!

FBI Special Agent Nick has returned to 'lil 'ole Arbor Falls, his hometown and unfortunately hometown of his one and only true love, Libby.  His ex police partner has found a body and wants to talk to Nick.  Before he can blink Nick is forced back into Libby's life and charged with keeping her safe from what appears to be the Arbor Falls Strangler.  Libby is none too pleased about this strange twist her life has taken and for many reasons needs to stay away from Nick.

My heart accelerated as I sped my way thru the gripping twists and turns I was taken on with The Seven Day Target.  I was engaged from page one. Reading it in the dark certainly enhanced my experience. I loved the innovative twist at the end.  Nick and Libby are extremely likable and I felt their hidden pain for each other and past wrongs. All the extra characters that were woven into the story were all purposeful and the story flowed flawlessly.

The Seven-Day Target delivered what it promised: Romantic Suspense!  My hearty congratulations are also sent Natalie's way... as per the front cover... winner of the 2011 New Voices competition.

Reviewed by Maria

Meet Nick Foster.  An abused child from a broken home, he pulled himself up by his shoelaces and made a respectable career in law enforcement.  Meet Libby Andrews.  A respected judge's daughter, from the elite layer of society.  A dedicated lawyer and a fireball in the courtroom.  She's out of Nick's league. But she wasn't always.  He'd adored her since childhood and they had even been engaged.  Until one day Libby told Nick she didn't love him any more.

But right now Libby's facing a crisis of a lifetme.  Her father has just died and her sister has given birth to a baby boy, but faces the world alone.  And she's being stalked by someone who bares the hallmark of a brutal serial killer.  Can Nick protect the woman he love from a stalker who seems to be able to walk through walls and locked doors?

Natalie Charles is the winner of the 2011 Harlequin Mills and Boon New Voices competition.  I entered that too and sank without trace.  Natalie won and I'm not in the least surprised.  She's fantastically talented.  I mean, how else do you describe an author who can scare you witless one minute and have you sighing in contentment the next?  In the same novel?  That's what takes major writing talent.

If you like scary romantic suspense, grab your copy of this but a word of warning.  Do not open this if you're alone in the house.


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

This Suspense novel has an interesting plot. There is a serial killer, who leaves clues each day and on The Seventh Day he kills his Target. As one reads through this novel, you find yourself wondering when the next clue will appear. And will the Hero & Heroine solve the case before the killer strikes again. The story had me guessing for a while. While I was able to figure out who the killer was early in the story, It did not take way from this being a good read.The author did a good job of casting doubt on everyone. Who would you trust? And who would you suspect? The killer has his sights set on Libby Andrews.

Libby Andrews Prosecuting Attorney for the town of Arbor Falls. When Libby learned devastating news about herself, she broke her engagement to Nick, breaking his heart by telling him she didn't love him. She let Nick Foster go, thinking she was doing what was best for him. Hoping he would find someone who could make him happy. 

FBI agent Nick Foster first fell in love with Libby Andrews when he met her in Eighth grade. And there has been no other love for him. He has moved on with the FBI and made a career for himself. Three years later he has come back to Arbor Falls to attend a funeral . He is hoping to be in and out of Town before being spotted.

As Nick is preparing to leave town he is contacted by his long time friend and ex partner Police Officer Domingo Vasquez. Dom tells Nick of a murder and that Libby's life is in danger. Nick will not leave Arbor Falls until the killer is caught. He is able to talk Libby into letting him protect her. Thrown back together in this gripping suspenseful novel. Where you are wise to trust no one! And they have just Seven days to save Libby!

5 / 5 Stars