BabyShares by Mickey J. Corrigan


Reviewed by Desere

Imagine showing up for what you think is a meeting and instead you end up seeing a dead security guard only known to you as Harry, who by the way has apparently been in love with you for years, a psycho with a pink Glock 19 and a memory card detailing a hedge fund of the most outrageous kind!

Pretty sure you all will agree with me that is not the kind of meeting or day that any average normal person would want or would even be able to handle. I for darn sure would take off running.

In this read however the author created a strong, confident character, Carina. She gets the shock of her life when all details are revealed, but takes it all in stride right along with the-cuff-me-do-me-take-me-I am-yours -Officer Handsome!

I really liked that Carina does not automatically go in the hysterics like most woman would but that she sees things with a different perspective.

The dialogue was kept to a minimal as Carina and Officer Handsome exchange very few words and most of the talking is done by the deceased security guard.

As boring as this may sound it was actually kind of interesting because through the voice of Harry the author delves into the lives, thoughts and actions of those involved in the hedge fund.

The author used some pretty impressive descriptions of the characters surroundings making the backdrop setting of the book really POP!

I loved the vivid depiction of the grand "island" as I like to call it, where meetings of the "we like to play with people's lives" take place.

What was also an added interesting element is the author gave the whole "your being watched" idea a new twist. Coming in on 42 pages this was a very short and quick read.

The heat level of this one was present but does not get explored in the manner it seems to build up to, it was almost as if the author ended the book before I as reader got to the explosive sex, that the book leads you to believe is coming.

If your looking for full blown romance or sex scenes that will leave you breathless this is not the read for you.
If however you like short stories with a bit of twist on life, a fresh take and look at what schemes people can get involved in and how those involved handle the consequences this one is for your keepers shelf.

4/5 star review
" Calling out her destiny for a face to face " 


BabyShares by Mickey J. CorriganReviewed by Nancy Crocker

While the story was written with no grammar errors, it lacked focus for me. I came away from reading this short story asking myself, what was it really suppose to be about? And this short story is told from Carina’s eye witness account and a recorded device that was found on Harry.

A security guard named Harry who brings Carina Winston to a Florida Island. He has never met her in person but he is in love with her. Sounds like a psycho stalker to me. Harry worked for Mr. X a Super rich multimillionaire who likes to get together with other rich people and make million dollar bets on people’s lives. 
When Carina arrives in the meeting all hell breaks loose and Harry the Security guard is shot and killed. Mr. X who fakes being in a wheelchair jumps up and runs out of the meeting. The whole time during the interview at police headquarters Carina is flirting with a detective old enough to be her father.

I came away with unanswered questions, confusion and feel this short story could have been so much better.

3/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Maria

Mickey J. Corrigan's work isn't so much a contemporary romance as a sexy thriller.  This is a writer who isn't so much interested in the 'nice' side of life, her characters tend to walk on the wild side and on the darker side of romance.  But her stories are oh-so-compulsive all the same.

Judging by her name, the author seems to be Irish American.  Well, that being the case, she's definitely inherited the Irish trait for telling a rattling good yarn.  This book will lead you up the garden path (well, down a back alley or two, see, I told you it wasn't a 'nice' story and I mean that in a positive sense), it will surprise you.  What it will not do is bore you.

The heroine, Carina, is a livewire.  She has a lot to deal with.  She's just heard news fit to turn her world upside down.  That is, that nothing which has happened to her in her life has happened by chance.  She's been watched like a beetle under a microscope for years.  Sassy and sexy, she flirts outrageously with the police officer who is trying to unravel the mystery of her life.

An ebook short, this won't take up much of your time.  But it will make you sit up straight. Go on, I dare you to read it.