Behind Palace Doors by Jules Bennett

Behind Palace Doors

Reviewed by Desere

Having a sexier than sin, hotter than hell badboy Greek Prince as your best friend is not something every woman dreams of, instead you dream of marring a Prince and having the fairy tale life. But by the off chance that your best friend is indeed a Prince and suddenly proposes to you, giving you the fairy tale wedding with all the trimmings and hype that goes with it, I am willing to bet you would not say no.

In Behind Palace Doors this is exactly what lands in the lap of Victoria, her best friend Prince Stefan proposes to her but, the marriage will only be on paper to help him secure his title as King and give Victoria control back over her life after a nasty public breakup.

What neither one counts on is that their passion and attraction for each other that has build and build over the years will finally explode with a passionate bang! Long hot nights of amazing sex follows but so does the development of a relationship that runs much deeper than friendship, but if the friendship can stand the heartache is a complete different question.

The author created amazing characters, the kind that fuels a readers passion for reading. Victoria is strong, smart, confident and always ready to help her best friend and others. What I liked about her was that she does not let anything get her down, and even when it does get to a point where it all seems to much she still does not let it show, instead she fights her way back up, making her not only likeable but the kind of character that reminds one that giving up is never an option.

Stefan with all his badboy charm was amazing, sexy, fun and just all kinds of deliciousness ready to temp even the strongest of woman into a night of sin. The emotional battle he fights out during the book, was a very unique touch in the sense that as reader I could understand his reasons but at the same time the author kept a cloak of mystery around the man not letting it all be exposed until the perfect moment.

This was something that I simply adored as it let the story really build and build before laying it all out for me, in some books the emotional or physical holding back elements sometimes gets fully exposed all too soon and the ending becomes predictable, in this read however as I said it was not the case! Excellent work Jules!

The backdrop settings of Greece and Los Angels was perfect, LA matching the high life of glitz and glam for Victoria falling in line with the successful business woman profile she has and Greece with the exquisite beaches and calming waters matching with the fun and flirty side of Stefan.

The dialogue was infused with lots of humorous moments between friends with the sexy "I want you so bad, but for now I will stay away" elements, making it so much fun to read as the two friends go from hot for each other to on absolute fire!

I loved how the author brought this story together, using the fairy tale life every woman wants, to her full advantage and combining the from friends to lovers with what if's.

There were also some of the best written sex senses ever written and not because of the heat between the characters but the author really used some very creative and unexpected places but also incorporated some very interesting "props", and whenever I see a crown I will never be just seeing it as a sparkly accessory to a Queen, nor will I look at a palace and not be able to think I wonder what happens behind those doors!

This was a sensual and very sexy read, also very easy and therefore quick. The book is guaranteed to leave you with dreams of marring your very own special badboy! I highly recommend this read for each and every woman looking for a romantic fairy tale romance with all the benefits of the good old days vs modern times.

5/5 star review
"Being Queen of his heart is all she ever wanted"
Reviewed By TashNz

Fast paced sexy story,  I didn't want it to end!

First most important point to mention above and beyond all other points - Prince Stefan - H.O.T! Bring forth the fan! 

Where to begin with the likes I have for Behind Palace Doors? Lets start with how refreshing it is that the main characters are best friends. There's no conflict forcing them together which means we can cut straight to the good stuff... you know... like the fairy tale world Tori is about to enter when Stefan calls upon her, his best friend, to help him save his people... what did you think I meant? hehehe

Prince Stefan summons his best friend Tori to town and after she agrees to help him they're suddenly confronted with their feelings that have always simmered below, neither of them wanting to explore in the past in case it ruined their friendship. Taking the bull by the horn Stefan decides to take the first step and before they know it they take their platonic friendship up a notch to friends with benefits... what kind of benefits?  Oh let me count the ways.

Enter my next like - how Stefan summons Tori. Loved it!!! Very original for me. 

Tori is only meant to be in Stefan's immediate life on a temporary basis but as they explore each other Tori is slowly but surely falling for her Prince. 

Have I mentioned how hot Prince Stefan is? I'm not a huge tattoo fan but Jules Bennett has managed to convince me the the tattooed Prince Stefan is perfection! 

A hot, fast paced and fantastic read that explores whether two best friends can be life long partners. Stefan and Tori both have their reasons to be reserved about this and while they try to live in the now the future is there... the gnawing background fear that not every Prince has their happy ever after. Both are very likable characters and I love that Tori has a fantastic career and is an independent woman. The conversation between the two flowed as did the ride I was taken on.  Humour was peppered thru out the story.

Reading Jules Bennett's website I have learnt Behind Palace Doors is Book 3 of a series. I'm totally going to check out the first two. 

Palace Doors is indeed every girls dream.

4 Royal Stars