The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date by Louisa George

The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date

Reviewed by Desere

Personally I have never been a major rugby fan more of a motor racing fan, and seeing rugby incorporated into a romance read was at first thought one of "Okay that could get interesting but of course only if the characters are truly right for each other, so we'll see".

Yet, at the same time I knew that Louisa George has bowled me over before with her stories and I was more than keen to try this read.

And wow did the author pull it off with spectacular fashion! She gave me a story of behind the headlines, endless hours of training and all the hype that goes with always keeping your cool and making sure the crowd loves you by not stepping out of line.

Not to mention the team behind the team and how vital they are to keeping it all together.

The read is about Dani, daughter to team owner of the Jets and one time badgirl , there to prove a point to the rest of the world, she has grown up and is certainly not planing on making any-more childish mistakes.

That is until she meets the new team Dr. "Mr.Name-and-Undress-me now-please"  Zac! He completely bowls her over but if they both want to hang onto their careers they need to keep their relationship purely professional and their healing hands to themselves!

The main characters of Dani and Zac were both a real treat to read, both made mistakes in the past and have each paid for it in their own way. But moving on is easier said then done and for both of them getting to the end of the line to ensure they score is a long road of up's and down's.

I loved Zac's fun, flirty and very smart-ass attitude. He slowly draws Dani out of her cocoon and brings to life the woman she hides from the rest of the world.

I especially loved that Dani is such a strong woman, facing the crowd and media after a scandal surely can never be easy however, the author lets Dani take it in stride, and as reader I was truly very proud of this woman.

The backdrop setting and dialogue was full of life and excitement! I could hear the crown cheering for their team, smell the sweat of the players as they played their hearts out and felt the emotions of Dani and Zac as they each try to come to terms with their lives and their actions.

The book also offered up some very fascinating secondary characters that I truly hope the author will give their own stories to!

This was a sensual and sweet romantic read and I highly recommend it to all lovers of sport romances!
5/5 star review
"Healing each other play by play"

Reviewed by Maria

I was taken completely by surprise by this one.  Medical romances certainly come in all shapes and sizes - there was no tension in the operating theatre or controversy in the clinic - this was what could be called a romance set in the world of sport - a romance between a team doctor and a physiotherapist.  How very refreshing.  Romance beside the rugby pitch, no less.

Daniella Danatello was formerly a wild child - a rich man's daughter who once partied hard and in her immaturity, made a public spectacle of herself.  Dr. Zachary had a dark past - something he's not too willing to share, but suffice to say, he doesn't do the relationship thing.  Two lost souls who find themselves working together.  Drawn together by attraction.  But as the physiotherapist for the rugby team owned by her father, Dani doesn't want to court controversy by dating her father's employee.  See, they're off to a great start already.

But as the Auckland Jets shape up for their big tournament challenge, tensions run high and the unlikely pair find themselves thrown together in various emotional situations.  Love grows, but do they have what it takes to make it as a couple?

Dani was an attractive heroine, someone who had made mistakes and was genuine about getting her respect back.  She shone out as the star among three drop dead glamorous sisters.

Zac came on way too strong with Dani when he first invited her out, hoping for a short, sweet fling.  He seemed to think that sex was on  the menu for dinner and I was pleased when Dani disabused him of the notion.  The crossfire between the two characters was entertaining and engaged my interest to the very end.  All in all, another winner from Louisa George.

4/5 stars


Review by Nas

THE LAST DOCTOR SHE SHOULD EVER DATE by author Louisa George is a Mills & Boon Medical and Harlequin Medical release for April 2013.

Daniella Danatello, after being a disappointment to her Dad, wanted to prove herself to him. She took the job of a physiotherapist for his rugby team. But the team doctor, Zac Price turns out to be a major distraction!

Would Dani be able to earn the respect she craves? And would Zac come through for her?

THE LAST DOCTOR SHE SHOULD EVER DATE is a refreshing, captivating and breathtaking medical romance. The premise is exciting—I love rugby, living in rugby mad country where live comes to a standstill during rugby season— and the story keeps you involved from the first page. The relationship dynamics of the muscled rugby team members and the team physiotherapist, Dani and her dad and with the team doctor is well depicted. As Louisa George’s storytelling unfolds, it comes to life and by the end we are left with plenty of surprises.

Highly recommended and well worth reading!

4.5 out of 5 Stars.
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5 Stars | One of which is just for how much this book made me smile.

I thoroughly enjoyed and absolutely loved the delicious story of The Last Dr She Should Ever Date. It was so much fun to read, it was beautifully refreshing and I was completely captivated by the characters.

We meet Dani Danatello, shamed daughter of Davide Danatello who owns the Auckland Jets. The NZ paparazzi relentlessly pursue Dani because of her past public indiscretions which she's trying to put behind her. Trying to shrug off the public's perception of her as well as gain the acceptance she craves from her father she accepts the position as team physiotherapist which throws her into immediate sphere of the new team doctor, Dr Zachary Price.

Dani and Zach dance the game of professionalism all the while trying to fight their inner desires. Management imposed a no-sex-till-after-the-tournament rule and we all know rules are meant to be broken... do they or don't they? Or can rules and barriers be technically not broken? Hmmmnnn...

The backdrop of the story focuses the Auckland Jets Rugby team preparing and participating in the most important tournament of the season. Don't worry if you're not a sports lover, in my opinion it enhances the story and offers a unique look into what may happen behind the scenes of a professional Rugby Tournament. It also throws Dani into a male dominated world where she's pretty much the only female on the payroll and the challenges that brings her.

This Medical Romance is an absolute delight! I smiled a lot while reading it. It was unique and refreshing and characters were A+. I couldn't help but love Dani's character and her growth as a person. I cheered for her to have her happy ever after. As a New Zealander (the country where Rugby is a religion) I also found myself revisiting my memories of the fun when our country hosted the 2009 Rugby World Cup (which we won by the way ;P)

Highly recommended for every Medical Romance fan and for anyone just wants to smile while reading a Romance.