The War Bride Club by Soraya Lane

;the war bride club

Reviewed by Desere

Many woman today know the heartache of sending off your husband to war and him not returning, but very little of us actually stop to take the time and think how the woman are going to handle the life after death.

In today's day and age there are certain benefits that have been implemented to take care of these woman and children left behind, however this has not always been the case.

In this read the author delved into the lives of four British woman, each who married American soldiers during WW II, after the war ends they embark on a journey to join their husbands in the states, but they have no idea of the troubles and heartache that lies in wait for them.

The main characters of Madeleine, Alice, June and Betty were all extremely well written. The author delved deep into each one's frame of mind, dreams, heartaches and showed just how strong a woman needs to be and can be when circumstances call for it.

I cried so hard for poor Betty when tragedy strikes but I was also overwhelmed with joy when the author let it all turn around for her.

With Alice I was intrigued as at first I thought her young soldier is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is commonly associated with soldiers of today but in the days of
WW II it was unspoken off,  a disorder that is manageable but something that will never fully go away, but the author did a fantastic job at blowing my theory out the window and offering up a complete different scenario of events.

And not wanting to give it all away here I will just say as for the other two woman , I was in shock and in awe at the events that lead to these two woman finally finding their own feet and happiness.

The backdrop settings were absolutely stunning. Through the words of the author I could hear the crowds cheering and waving the woman off to the unknown, I could see the sites of New York coming into view and I could hear the sounds of chickens and horses mucking about!

The dialogue was very emotional as the author really let her words touch me as reader, I could honestly feel the pain and sorrow these woman feel when they discover their lives on the other side is not all they had hoped for, or in some cases what they had been promised.

The read was in some instances predictable but just as what I predicted happens the author does a 180 degree turnaround of events and completely surprised me by letting it all change into something new and exciting.

I highly recommend this read, but a fair warning if you are not into the " I cry my eyes out " kind of read then this book is not for you.

If however you love a romance with good, heartfelt emotion and a offering of true life drama and a message of woman are stronger than they look, this is a definite read for you.

I know this read will go to the top of the charts, and it will remain with me as one of the most emotional and powerful reads of this year!

5/5 star review
"Woman who fight to find their happiness"