A Façade to Shatter by Lynn Raye Harris (The Coretti's Book 6)

Reviewed by Desere

Who doesn't love a military hero. He has fought for his country and made it back home, not always in one piece but yes he made it back, he is loved by all and a pin up for millions of war-hero wannabe's.

Woman swoon over him and the world adores him. But what if you fall for him and he turns out to be nothing like you expected?

In this read the brilliant Lynn Raye Harris took me as reader on a journey of self discovery and showed that the power of knowing when to ask for help can and will make all the difference when the time comes.

The read is about Lia Corretti, she is shy, weak and worst of all believes she is fat, not something you would think unreal, as most woman do reckon they are, but when thinking Mills and Boon romance it is not something that is going to be your first thought.

However as the old saying goes "what you see in the mirror is not always what the outside world sees" and in this case it is completely true, Lia just needs to find the right man to prove it to her.

That man is I-look-like-am sugar-sweet-but-all-I-am-is hot-and-spicy-trouble-but-you-will-surrender-to-my-sweetness Zach Scott, beloved war hero and son to what they call American Royalty. He shows and makes Lia feel like the most beautiful woman in the world then, takes off!

He does not expect this amazing creature to show up again or render him speechless. Nor does he think that she will want to have anything to do with him once he reveals his most deepest, darkest secret, so shocking that yes most woman would take off in heartbeat.

I loved the character of Lia , the author did a fantastic job at showing this woman who was once beaten has come back fighting harder for what she wants and shows that woman however weak you might think them to be can surprise you in an instant and will leave you in awe at their power.

Zach was simply delicious from the first page, the man oozes sex and simply just makes you wish that you could conjure up some spell to bring him to life so you can sooth his ache and be the one to help him. No kidding he really is such a powerful character!

Yes there was a time in the book that I honestly did not like the man very much as his actions were just plain awful but knowing this author's books I knew there was a deeper reason behind it and I could not wait to find out what that reason was.

The backdrop setting was truly romantic and gave me as reader the feeling that just maybe these two characters can make it work, but there was also the moments of a stormy night in Maui that brought to life the elements of the restlessness of the characters souls and the turmoil they face.

The dialogue was absolutely breathtaking! It took me from hot and passionate to sweet, kind and romantic to downright cruel and hateful words being spoken, kept me on the edge of my seat during every single minute of the read.

Zach and Lia's story has been my very favourite so far in this series!

Excellent work Lynn you truly showed that a man that had fallen from grace can go from zero to ultimate hero in true spectacular fashion!

5/5 star review
"Life is not all sugar sweet, sometimes you need the hot&spicy to show you the way to love"

Review by TashNz

So I may be biased but I think the Corretti series is the best I've read and I'm re-reading in 2014 because the paperbacks are FINALLY being released in NZ.   They can be read separately but I highly recommend reading all together, in order because they build up and build up until finally we're at the wedding!

A Facade to Shatter is Book 6 and Lia, the forgotten Corretti who doesn't fit in and feels as far removed from Coretti's as one could feel from a family.  She's at the wedding reception as a bridesmaid in a too small dress and feels like a whale next to the slim and beautiful attendants.

Returned War Hero and American fighter pilot Zach Scott is at the wedding reception as the +1 of the actress Taylor Carmichael (her story is Book 2, An Invitation to Sin by Sarah Morgan).  The strobe lights and music cause Zach to think he's back in the desert. Hetakes cover trying to save the men... when reality calls he has Lia pinned against the wall.

As fate would have it later in the night Zach actually saves Lia from nearly drowning.  This ends up bringing together two damaged people who spend a wonderful weekend together, both escaping from their realities into a world that only revolves around them.  But reality is always around the corner and hits us with the unexpected!  Finding out she's pregnant Lia travels to America to find Zach.

Zach is truly the hero of this story.  He's written in such a way I was completely caught up in his story.  I wanted to learn more about him and not only did I learn about him I learnt more of what the American soldiers go through when they return from war.  Zach's story is heartbreaking and when he's back in America he's really a square peg in a round hole and in fear of his flashbacks.

Lia just wants a family.  She wants to belong and hopes her marriage of convenience will give her that but there's mountains to climb with Zach and determinedly she starts climbing, taking one step at a time.

A Facade to Shatter is an exciting and emotional addition to the Corretti Dynasty and can definitely be read alone but I highly investing your time in the entire series.