A Whisper of Disgrace by Sharon Kendrick (The Correttis Book 5)

Reviewed by Desere

When one says "I hate being controlled" have you ever thought of what kind of control is it that you hate. Is it when the man in your life tells you don't do this or wear that, or how about your boss controlling your every move in the office to make sure you do not reach the top?

The point is that there are various kinds of control and various kinds of people who like controlling others, for which ever reason it may be.

Now it has happened to almost all of us, it is the control of your family that you cannot handle and you claw your way to the top just to get away from it, but what if you discover that the man of your dreams is the one set on controlling you? I would certainly react by saying "You want to call all the shots! Heck no, now you see me now you don't" !

In the latest read from the talented Sharon Kendrick she delves into the lives of Rosa and if you-think-the-desert-is-hot-I'll-show-up-what-is-really-hot Sheik Kulal. He has had her and he will have her again on a permanent basis by his side ready and willing whenever he deems necessary.

Only after being controlled for so long Rosa is not the kind of woman to merely back down and surrender, she can accept certain things even to an extent her weakness when it comes to Kulal but she needs her freedom, however walking away from love is of course never easy.

The characters of Kulal and Rosa were fantastic, I liked the battle for independence that Rosa so fiercely fights for, she is a real go getter and has a spunky fighting spirit making her a heroine of greatness. I was however shocked by the character of Kulal and totally appalled at first as when they marry and Kulal retreats into this deep, dark world of uncertainty, I was thinking "Man this guy is so dark it's scary".

It of course made for very interesting reading as I loved being able to pick up on the author slowly letting the reasoning behind his actions unfold and show that there is so much more to him than at first glance.

The backdrop setting was exhilarating  I totally loved every single minute of every totally romantic setting from Paris to France, and the dialogue was so emotional that yes you guessed it I was ready to start crying! The author brought home the message of when a person sometimes appear ruthless, cold and unfeeling it is never the full story and when you dig deeper you will find a secret that once revealed will explain all with vivid clarity.

I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a good one night of passion -come scandal avoidance-turned to marriage of convenience story with loads of drama.
5/5 star review
" Whispers of passionate nights gives way to a new love found"