An Inheritance of Shame by Kate Hewitt (The Correttis Book 4)

An Inheritance of Shame (Harlequin Presents)

Reviewed by Desere

Growing up dirt poor is tough enough but when you have no one that loves you along with being poor it is bad, really bad. You are definitely all alone and if that person grows up to be a cold hearted, ruthless person with a don't care attitude it is something I certainly would be able to fully understand.

If that person however, not only is shunned by both his parents and grandparents but also beat to a bloody pulp every day of his childhood and turns to revenge, then I would think that it would take a miracle or hours of psychological efforts to bring the person back from the edge of darkness.

But as it happens very often in life, there is something or someone in the past or future of the person that can and will be able to shine a light through the darkness and set their tormented souls free. In the new read from Kate Hewitt I was shown just that along with a childhood love that grows into a fully blossomed lifelong romance.

The read deals with Angelo Corretti, he has always been the outcast of the family as his father never really acknowledged him and his own mother turned her back on him. Being treated like a bastard left him with years of hurt, pent up anger and a devious plan to bring the Correttis and their empires to the ground.

And so he does, the boy from the slumps grows up and becomes a rich and powerful force to be reckoned with, he even gets to the point of taking over the very first of the empires. Only he discovers his past working there. Yes the one woman from his childhood that stood by him through all the years of hurt and set his soul alight  in a night so passionate he has never been able to find that kind of passion again, comes walking back into his life.

Lucia, has always loved Angelo even after he walked away from her and left her to deal with the scandal and whispers of the community after their one heart stopping passionate night, not to mention the very real gut wrenching heartache of the kind of loss I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

It has made her stronger but also more cautious and she has vowed she will never again fall into the trap of loving a man and letting him have the satisfaction to walk away from her, and this time around she would love and let go. But that is always easier said then done. For deep inside she can still see the boy she fell in love with and not the cold hearted man Angelo has become.

The characters of Angelo and Lucia were both wonderful. I loved that he author let Lucia be the stronger one,  and totally adored that she was not the normal kind of heroine that keeps her feelings to herself, no ladies this one says what she feels and thinks straight from the start, as these books usually give you the characters holding back their feelings till the end which makes it very predictable. So I really loved that touch!

Angelo was a  hero of the the truly tormented kind, I felt really sorry for him being shunned by his family and especially by his own mother. But I really loved that he worked his way up to the top when everyone thought he would fail and become nothing.  Instead he becomes the man Lucia knows he is deep inside.

The backdrop settings were fantastic, the beauty of Paris showed the love between Angelo and Lucia, and the thrilling backdrop of Sicily let the restlessness of Angelo's soul really shine through.

The dialogue was one of wonder and pure romance as the author's words really let the level of love Lucia feels for Angelo jump out at me as reader and they are words that will stay with me for a long time.

I highly recommend this read for fans of lovers reunited romance.

5/5 star review
" Stripping the shame by unleashing the hurt" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

An Inheritance of Shame is a very emotional story. It really started when Lucia fell in love with Angelo Corretti as a child. She was always there for him when he was beaten up as a child for being the bastard child of a Corretti. But Angelo is so deep in his own misery that he never really noticed what he had in Lucia.

Angelo Corretti wants one thing in life … REVENGE. He plans on bringing the Corretti’s down one company at a time. He has made his fortune on his own sweat and tears and he now has controlling interest in the Corretti Hotel Palermo. He felt comfort once in the arms of Lucia. After taken her virginity he leaves her bed before morning and never looked back. Not even to see if she was alright. I wanted to really hate this character and at times I succeeded. 

Angelo is shocked to see Lucia working as a maid at the hotel. And furious with her, he feels betrayed that she would go to work for the Corretti’s. Lucia’s character suffered so much. In love with Angelo as a small child, her love was very one sided. He could not see her through his own suffering and heartbreak. Lucia suffered more heartache than anyone should have to go through. And it has made her very strong. 

This is not a light read, but I do recommend this book. Just make sure to have some hankies ready. 

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5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


 Reviewed by Nas

AN INHERITANCE OF SHAME by USA Today Bestselling author Kate Hewitt is Harlequin Presents release for August 2013.

Angelo Corretti was after revenge only with the family that shunned him. The Correttis. Now he was on the verge of getting all. He did have everything now, but did he really have all? He had no one to call his own. No friends.

One time he had a friend, Lucia. Then one night had changed the dynamics between them. All of a sudden, she was there in front of him. Could they really go back to their old friendship? Was she ready to forgive him for not looking back?

AN INHERITANCE OF SHAME has layer upon layer of complexities.
The characters are so strong and exceptional that you’ll be left amazed. Lucia is deeply wounded from her personal tragedy, gossip and scandal yet keeps her emotions well hidden behind barriers. She is in a constant whirlwind of emotion that courses through as she tries and walks ahead into an uncertain future. Angelo is a gorgeous alpha hero who has hidden his sensitive side. Kate Hewitt usually writes fast-paced romances packed with sizzle and sexual tension and this was no exception—the sexual scenes were hot and steamy. AN INHERITANCE OF SHAME has many deeper layers as well. Emotions are palpable and heart-wrenching. You’ll want to read it again and again!

Review by TashNz
Kate Hewitt's An Inheritance of Shame,
Corretti Dynasty

Every book I have read about the Corretti's is like adding another piece to the puzzle to help create an amazing masterpiece of a story.

Kate Hewitt's An Inheritance of Shame is #4 in the Corretti's Dynasty, a series, in my opinion that beats every other series hands down.  For example, if you loved Bad Blood/The Notorious Wolves you will ADORE the Corretti's

In An Inheritance of Shame, Angelo Corretti gets to tell his story.  He's the illegitimate son of Carlo Corretti and he's back in town to chew up and spit right out the Corretti empire.  We meet just after he's successfully taken over Matteo's hotel chain.  Matteo has disappeared from the face of the earth after running off with Alessandro's intended at the alter, now he's gunning for Luca Corretti's fashion business.  (Luca's fab story is #2).  He walks into the Penthouse  vowing no Corretti will ever stay in HIS hotel ever again and as he's stripping off to have a shower he is shocked to discover a maid still doing up the room.  The maid is Lucia, Angelo's best friend from childhood.  Lucia is stunned! The last time they saw each other was 7 years ago and she had the best and worst ever one night stand with him.  Angelo is speechless and furious that this is what's become of his best friend.  Seeing Angelo again awakens everything Lucia has tried to forget, from their childhood together where she was Angelo's little puppy (followed him everwhere) all the way thru to the consequences of what happened 7 years ago.

I am absolutely spellbound with this series and I eagerly await each release.  This story is gripping and dramatic and full of emotion from all parties.  Revenge is the drive for Angelo and somehow Lucia (love the name) manages to bring him back to reality and show him he deserves to be loved and he is loved.  Angelo is so driven by revenge he has neither had the time or inclination for relationships but Lucia is home and familiar and stirs long buried feelings , especially when he learns what happened after he walked away the next morning.  Both Lucia and Angelo step into unfamiliar territory when they decide to give themselves a chance.

I loved Angelo's story, I'm glad to see how he fits in the puzzle and I hope in future books he's resolved his issues and is welcomed into the Corretti empire.  I really liked Lucia, she's hard working, down to earth and has faced loss and hardship.  I felt invested in her and believed she deserving her happy ever after.  I loved their back story and felt that the bits of their childhood was brilliantly weaved into the story.  This can definitely be read as a stand alone or as an addition to the series, it slots in perfectly.

Roll on #5, Sharon Kendrick's A Whisper of Disgrace.

4.5 Stars

Reviewed by Maria

One of the most shameful things that can happen to a child in a traditional, conservative community is the stigma of illegitimacy.  Angelo Coretti was despised and looked down on in the community into which he'd been born and also by the family of which he was an unwanted member, born as he was on the wrong side of the blanket, to use a dreadful cliche.  He grew up burning for revenge and in the process, he treated Lucia, the girl who had always loved him, in as bad a way as his father had treated his own own mother, leading to tragedy and devastation.

But Lucia wasn't vengeful or angry.  She took the cards she'd been dealt and got on with her life, a life of honour and dignity, even if she didn't have much money.  Angelo reappears in her life and realising what he has done, is ready to shower her with diamonds and designer clothes by way of  making amends.  But Lucia isn't impressed at all.  She'd prefer to roam with Angelo in the street markets and dine on pizza in a homely restaurant than then browse the high end shops and dine in five star hotels.  Because she understood one thing that Angelo hadn't yet understood. That the trappings of wealth and status  don't mean a thing if you don't have love in your life. Angelo's obsessive desire for revenge has already ruined one life.  Will he listen to Lucia.  I loved the message of this novel and the simple yet highly principled personality of Lucia.  I truly hoped Angelo would come to know what a treasure she was.

An enjoyable and compelling read from an author whose work I totally respect.