A Scandal in the headlines by Caitlin Crews (the Correttis Book 7)

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Reviewed by Desere

When asking a woman how she likes her man, most would answer tall, dark and sexy. In this read from Caitlin Crews Elena finds her tall, dark and sexy hero only his darkness runs much deeper than you would expect.

But this is the reason why this book will stay with me forever, it is without a doubt the best book written by this author. The read is in short about Elena, hiding away from her ex fiancĂ©e Niccolo and the danger and ruin he has proved he can bring to her.

She does not reckon she will be coming face to face with the one and only man that has ever truly been able to turn her knees to jelly and make her dream the dreams of happily every after, I'll-strip-you-naked-and-take-you-where-ever-and-however-I-please Allessandro Corretti.

From the moment they lay eyes on each other again the author lets a blazing red hot fire of passion explode and takes both characters on the ride of their lives. The question of course is what happens when that fire burns out, will Allessandro and Elena be able to walk away, or worse will Allessandro deliver Elena straight into the hands of a madman.

I loved the character of Allessandro, yes from the start you can tell he is constantly fighting an inner demon but he has also been through hell and back again. So even though he is a true bastard and I mean a really, really very bad man , I got chills whilst reading and immediately thought to myself "This is the type of man you best stay away from for surely he will ruin you",  but I still felt sympathy towards him and as the author digs deeper into his confused state I could see the better man hiding behind the face of anger, hatred and most definitely danger.

Elena however was from the start go a bit of a irritating character as she is almost constantly in this "I am weak everyone is stronger than me " kind of state. However knowing that all books hide the meaning of their characters actions I knew there was a reason and I needed to keep reading to find it. And when the author reveals it was made vividly clear that Elena is what most woman are, and if we can avoid it we will at any cost. Of course I will not be telling you what you will need to read the book!

The backdrop setting of a gorgeous secluded island was the perfect setting for this book, it gave the element of surprise as if I was just waiting for Niccolo to pop up from the shadows of the ocean, it also gave the privacy Elena and Allessandro needed to get to the heart of what is happening between them.

The dialogue was at times dark and sexy but also mysterious and really deeply emotional. The sexual tension and heat in this read was enough to heat up even the coldest of days, and almost bordering on the 50 shades of grey elements as Allessandro shows control and submission over Elena that is not always found in a Mills and Boon read, this alone will make the book worth reading as the author shows there is so much more to these kind of books from this line that what meets the eye.

I highly recommend this read for romance fans looking for a more intense and darker hero that will leave you truly wishing you could creep into his heart and find the hero lurking inside.

5/5 star review
" His kisses can mean her ruin or her rise to greatness"