A Hunger For The Forbidden by Maisey Yates (The Correttis Book 8)

Front Cover

Reviewed by Desere

All woman dream of their white knight, the perfect man that will sweep you off your feet, and carry you off
into the sunset.

However as we all know, the perfect man does not exist, but also at the same time we all realise that deep in a woman's heart she will be able to see the good in the man she loves and know that her white knight with a bad boy streak, no matter the fact that it was forced upon him but the ones meant to care for him, has good somewhere deep inside his heart and he just needs a little push to let it out.

The read is about Alessia , she has always done the right thing and this time she is marring the man her father has chosen for her Allessandro Corretti, all in the name of saving her family.

Of course he is not the one her heart belongs to but with a clever twist of fate and an unexpected night of passion she lands herself the title of Mrs Matteo Corretti, and thus right in the arms of the man of her dreams.

But I'll-show-you-that-you-are-only-hot-and-wet-for-me Matteo has a fire of rage burning inside him and if he has to offer up his very last dying breath to make sure Alessia never knows his dark secret than he will. He will keep the tears from her eyes at any cost for seeing her cry yet again will destroy him.

The characters of Matteo and Alessia were written well and with true conviction, I honestly at all times felt as if I were somehow connected to them both. Of course knowing this author's books it was not a surprise at all, the author has the ability to make her characters so real it is as if they are standing in front of you and their lives are being played out in vivid colour.

I loved that Alessia is a strong and capable woman ready to take on anything and everyone around her, for the sake of family this woman endures so much more than just doing her duty. I also really adored that the author lets Alessia find the courage she needs to make her life what she wants it to be by giving her the one eye opening moment after another.

Matteo was a unexpected character for me as reader, I have read this entire series and know that some of the Corretti's are dark and dangerous but in all honestly I did not think that the last Corretti would be quite so very,very bad. But I fell in love with him almost instantly and loved that the author let me in on his inner fight with right and wrong from the start, which certainly let me as reader understand why he holds back when it comes to Alessia.

The backdrop settings were filled with loads of excitement from a very sexy elevator scene to an alcohol induced conflict dining room table scene. Right throughout the book I could feel the raw tension and need bouncing from the characters and their surroundings, perfect heart stopping romance !

The dialogue was so extremely passionate, smart, sassy and SEXY that it would make 50 shades and Mr smooth talker Grey look like a ramped up teenager trying to get his first roll in the hay. I honestly loved the pure and raw sexual heat that the author used to burn up the pages into little bits of ash!

I highly recommend this read to all Maisey Yates fans, lovers of romantic, heart stopping, sensual, sexy reads.
" Fire and ice meet and it has never been sexier"