The Correttis by Various Authors ~ Overview of Series

                                                          Reviewed by Desere

                                                 THE CORRETI DYNASTY 
                                           Sins, revenge, secrets and scandals!

The Correttis Series is about a family with more deep dark secrets than any family you may ever have heard about before! Scandal, betrayal, love, secrets, illicit affairs, sins of the inhumane kind, unwanted wives and husbands, babies bringing happiness, hearts being broken, business being mixed with pleasure the list goes on and on.

Truly in this series you will find it all and so much more than you think, even men being so bad it will shatter your notions of love and happiness, but the authors of this series also show that there is more than what meets the eye and running from love is never an option. Each and every read will leave the readers with a powerful message each message unique and life altering.

In the first book  A Legacy of Secrets by Carol Marinelli we are shown the story of Santo and Ella and how trust is one of the most vital parts in a relationship, just as vital as knowing when you fall for your man him being the boss is never as bad as it seems.

In the second book An Invitation to Sin by Sarah Morgan we are told the story of Luca and Taylor, and that when the world turns their back on you, there is always someone out there that will love you for better or worse.

In the third book A Shadow of Guilt by Abby Green I got to meet Gio and Valentina, I was shown that sometimes we blame the wrong person for tragedy instead of looking deep into our own hearts to see the truth.

The fourth book An Inheritance of Shame by Kate Hewitt, the story of Angelo and Lucia showed that love is stronger than revenge and the right person can crack through the layers of hurt and anger.

In book five A Whisper of Disgrace by Sharon Kendrick the story of Rosa and Kalul shows that controlling those around you simply because you crave it, is never a justifiable act.

In book six A Façade to Shatter by Lynn Raye Harris the story of Zach and Lia showed me that true beauty when seen through the eyes of others is all that counts and that after tragedy you being alive is always for a reason.

In book seven A Scandal in the Headlines by Caitlin Crews the story of Allessandro and Elena shows that carrying the weight of your family and the well being of others on your shoulders can be your fall from grace, but letting go can be your rise to greatness.

Book eight A Hunger for the Forbidden by Maisey Yates told me the story of Matteo and Alessia and proved that there is good in even the worst of people in the world.

I highly recommend this series to all lovers of heart stopping, sensual, sexy, racing hot, passionate, fire meets ice, good vs evil, mind blowing reads.

This is one purchase you will not regret, and the secrets revealed in each fantastic read will blow you away and shatter your defences, showing that the love of a good man or woman can change your life and family is the one thing we can never turn our back on, as together we can change the world for the better, but divided we will surely fall.

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