A Shadow of Guilt by Abby Green (The Correttis Book 3)

Reviewed by Desere

Someone's death is never really our fault but yet sometimes you do blame yourself or another, even though deep down inside you know it not to be true. The real regret comes when having to learn to live with you actions or accusations.

The new Abby Green read shows how two people learn to live with their actions of guilt, despair, anger, hurt  and ultimately regret and love found. The read is about Valentina years ago her brothers best friend Gio's actions caused her brother Mario's death and she vowed never to forgive him or to ever let herself love someone that can be ripped away from her in a heartbeat.

However the time comes for her to swallow her pride and ask the wrap-your-legs-around-me-and-I'll-help-you-to-fly Gio for help when she realises she has no one else to turn to.

Gio immediately jumps at the opportunity after all she might hate him for her brothers death but at least he can help in any way he can think of, as for seeing the only woman that has always been the one fuel to his soul but also off limits, in pain and distress is something he cannot stand by and watch.

But very soon a series of revealing secrets open up old wounds from the past and the author shows just how much the past being revealed can possibly destroy a perfect future.

The characters of Gio and Val were both written perfectly and so well it was as if they were going to leap from the pages any minute, I could feel and touch their every emotion, feel their pain and suffer along with their heart ache.

I loved that the characters were both so very different from what the author has given me as reader before Val had a lot and I really mean a lot of pent up anger only she was directing the anger at Gio instead of herself, the author revealing the final mystery as to why completely took me aback and I was in total amazement, I truly did not see the truth coming. Normally we find a heroine that is in touch with her own feelings and accepting them instead of burring them until the point where it comes into perspective for her.

Gio, ah poor, tortured, lost and found Gio was absolutely the perfect hero, but again different from what I have read before, it is not often I find a hero attempting to rid the world of his presence at any and every given opportunity. No usually they want to make themselves known especially to the woman who they simply must have.

The backdrop setting was exquisitely depicted by the author, she let the isolation of of Gio's soul blend in perfectly with the area of Syracuse and his Castello. But the author also gave me as reader the painful moments of heart ache as she took us back in time to a fateful day and also the excitement from the action at the racetrack.

The dialogue was spectacular, the author used her words to really get deep to the heart of the matter at hand and let each and every word draw me deeper and deeper into wanting to learn the truth and get to what lies beneath.

This author's books have always been a favourite of mine but this time she has more than outdone herself, it was if she loaded this book of hers with so much more emotion, passion and a deeper meaning of life into it all, that I found myself not only crying but truly wishing I could step inside the world of Gio and Val and help them reach their happy ending.

And if you know Abby's books you will also know that she laces her sex scenes with blazing red hot passion, and this time around it was no different but even better, the absolutely incredible care taken during Gio and Val's first sexual encounter is guaranteed to bring any woman to her knees and instantly forgive this hero anything, yes ladies the man is that amazing and considerate unlike some hero's from these books that sometimes have no finesse and tend to just go through motions to get to the end and the ultimate satisfaction.

There is also no way I will ever be able to really look at a bike and not think of this book, Abby that bike ride was a gorgeous touch! This is without a doubt the best book ever written by this author.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of Abby Green but also if you have never tried a romance book this is the one that will change your outlook and you will never be able to turn back, you will be as myself begging for the next one to be penned by a truly remarkable, phenomenal author guaranteed to bring you a best seller each and every time.

5/5 star review
"Erasing the quilt of the past one heart soul searing kiss at a time" 

A Shadow of Guilt (Sicily's Corretti Dynasty, #3)
Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

I have been a fan of Abby Green’s for a number of years and she does not disappoint with her latest release. In A Shadow of Guilt, Giacomo Corretti “Gio” lost his best friend Mario Ferranti seven years ago in a tragic accident when Mario decided to ride Black Star, an out of control horse belonging to Gio

Valentina Ferranti had a crush on Gio from a very young age. And that crush turned to love at the age of seventeen. But after her brother’s accident she blamed Gio and her love soon turned to hate. As you read deeper into this gripping novel you soon learn why Valentina feels guilty over the death of her brother, but I do not want to spoil it for readers. 

Even though Gio did not force Mario to ride Black Star, Giacomo Corretti has felt the guilt of his best friend’s death. My heart just went out for this character. Not feeling like you are worthy enough for love. Imagine losing your best friend but also losing touch with Mario’s parents who you had grown to love also.

After seven years these two come face to face at what is supposed to be the wedding of the century. Valentina turns to Gio after his Aunt Carmela slanders her name and her business suffers. Gio soon hires Valentina to cater the Corretti Cup Race, but he also saves her father after he suffers a heart attack.

This story has a little bit of everything including forgiveness, understanding, passion and love. I really loved the first time that Gio and Valentina made love. It was very special.

Here is the complete list for anyone wanting to follow the series.

A Legacy Of Secrets by Carol Marinelli
An Invitation To Sin by Sarah Morgan
A Shadow Of Guilt by Abby Green
An Inheritance Of Shame by Kate Hewitt
A Whisper Of Disgrace by Sharon Kendrick
A Facade To Shatter by Lynn Raye Harris
A Scandal In The Headlines by Caitlin Crews
A Hunger For The Forbidden by Maisey Yates

5/5 Stars

From TashNz
Abby Green's A Shadow of Guilt
5 Stars

Abby Green's A Shadow of Guilt is the third installment from the fantastically crafted Corretti mini-series

We meet Gio, the youngest of the Corretti’s.  Horses were always the center of his world.  Gio is haunted by his past.  Many years ago his best friend Mario, who had everything to live for, died riding one of his horses.  The fault is being laid at his feet by Mario's family, by himself and by Mario's little sister Valentina.  Horses eventually become Gio's life and he's now the owner of the racecourse that holds the famous annual Corretti Cup.

Horses have eventually become Gio's life many years after his best friend died as a result of a horse riding accident and a fault that is being laid at his feet by himself and by his best friends little sister Valentina.  

7 years later they cross paths again.  Both are completely shocked at seeing each other. Valentina still vehemently blames Gio for her brothers death.  The pain still feels so real it was as if it all happened yesterday.  She’s watched Gio grow from strength to strength while her life has slowly fallen apart. Valentina ends up blackening her name with Gio's aunt who refuses to pay her for the catering at Alessandro's failed wedding.  Valentina swallows her pride and begs Gio for a job.  Gio instantly gives her the job of catering for the Corretti Cup.  Being in such close circles opens up a whole world of trouble, a whole world of feelings and emotions and a whole world of pain.  All the ingredients that gives me another amazing story from the incredibly talented Abby Green.

I absolutely loved A Shadow of Guilt. I couldn't put it down.  It was another Abby Green winner.  She is so talented at crafting stories full of emotion with just the right mix of everything!  I was completely caught up in Gio's emotional story, I felt Valentina's pain of having no choice in being so close to Gio and the tears welled when Gio and Valentina finally faced the past.  I enjoyed the emotional dance of Gio and Valentina and as each revelation about the past is revealed another small barrier is broken and when Gio and Valentina finally decide to make a story of their own their two worlds combust.  Gio's point of views aided the story and helped shape who he was.  The dialogue was brilliant with not a wasted word and I loved the imperfections Gio had.  The imperfections along with the loss of his best friend helped show why he lived in almost isolation.  Valentina was a brave soul who is also haunted by her brother death and reemerging in Gio's world has thrown her sideways, there's more about the past that she needs to face than meets the eye.   

Delights include the appearance of Sheikh Nadim and his lovely wife Iseult from Breaking the Sheikh's Rules, the appearance of Angelo Corretti from book 4 when he's at the race track betting against Gio's horse and Carmela Corretti getting her just deserts.

The Corretti series does not have to be read together but I highly recommend it.  Abby Green is exceptionally talented at writing heart-breakingly emotional stories and A Shadow of Guilt is no exception.

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