The Ripple Effect by Elisabeth Rose

The Ripple Effect

Reviewed by Desere

All adopted people I am sure have this overwhelming need to find their real parents no matter the reason they gave you up, you simply needed to know.

But if you have only one clue to go and it turns out she is your sister and also now the woman of your dreams I am thinking that if it were me I would run a mile and get out of there faster than fast as incest is one thing that I am sure is not on anyone's list of life achievements.

In this read it is however exactly what happens to Shay and Joelle. They embark on a mission to find their parents. Of course they are both grateful that they have at least now go real family she has a brother and he has a sister. But as time goes on and the continue their search a undeniable attraction flares up between them and if your thinking the voices go off screaming they do , as who would want to even look at their sibling in a sexual manner!

But what you do not see coming is the mystery and truth behind a 27 years tragedy, that when revealed will finally bring a family back together and open the road to a love meant to be.

The main and secondary characters very well written but not exactly ones that will stand out in a crowd no more everyday kind, that made for a pleasant liking for the main characters, the secondary characters were ones I found intriguing and it added the element of mystery.

The backdrop setting was calm and inviting yet also intense as the bush fires that stated the mystery and tragic loss almost interlaced with the uncertainty of the land and that anything can happen at any moment.

The dialogue was good except that at stages I would have liked the discussions to have a little bit more heat and passion, but yes well written.

I recommend this read for lovers of reading books that have a good old fashioned mystery intertwined with sweet sensual romance.
4/5 star review
"Tragedy paves the road to happiness"