Saved by the Bride by Fiona Lowe

Saved By The Bride

Reviewed by Desere

Saved by the bride was a wonderfully written romantic story of two people saving each other from a lifetime of never taken chances and loneliness.

The book tells of Annika, she has been hiding out for a while in the town of Whitetail, and when I say hiding out I mean trying to focus on anything and everything but her career of painting.

This "I help with anything " attitude causes her to land the job of temporary major and also the only person who can save the town by making sure the town hosts the wedding of the year.

But when breaking an entry to attempt her mad plan she does not count on falling head first into the arms of Finn, nor does she know that this devastatingly handsome come-take-me-to-bed-eyes hunk of a man will be the one to have her thrown in jail!

The main characters of Annika and Finn were a delight to read, each had their own inner turmoil's to fight off and thus brought the book it's flare of drama and suppressed feelings needing to be released.

The book also had exceptionally wonderful secondary characters, and the author created a typical small town of people each with their own problems, craziness and differences in opinion.

The author really dug deep with her characters emotions and I was not only intrigued but well and truly sucked into the world of a small town out to fight for survival, and it felt at times as if I was drowning with them all in a lake of despair and dreams lost.

The backdrop setting was calming, inviting and fun. The lake played a very unique role as the author lets the calmness of the lake portray the feelings of her characters, one minute they can seem calm and in control but much like the lake that can with the right elements of nature take on a dangerous turn, so does the characters when they loose control be it in the heat of the moment or when provoked.

I loved that the author lets the read flow to a point where I as reader was pleasantly surprised to see that Annika also gets a chance to save Finn and the book became a 'we save each other' read, where as most books focus solely on he saves her or she saves him and not we save each other.

The dialogue was very fun and upbeat, going from crazy to sexy and back to emotional and deep. The author did a exceptional job at sending out a message to me as reader of sometimes not taking a chance will leave you lonely, unfulfilled and ultimately in regret for the rest of your life.

I highly recommend this read for all readers who love a good wedding story that involves a crazy bride, a sexy as sin groom and the love and support of small town folks.

5/5 star review
" They're drowning  in each other's kisses , and only love will save them" 


Review by Nas

SAVED BY THE BRIDE by author Fiona Lowe is a Carina Press release for April 2013.

Annika Jacobson is the acting mayor and she just wants to have her town’s economy improved. Improved economy meant more jobs for townspeople. She would do anything to reach her goal. And if it meant gate crashing an engagement party, then she was up for it!

Finn Callahan does not want to be at his family’s summer estate, even to attend his sister’s engagement. But he meets Annika, and his not very pleasant summer work from home turned very interesting indeed.

They had sparkling chemistry and decide to give in to their mutual attraction, but just for the summer. Will Annika be able to keep her heart uninvolved through the summer?

SAVED BY THE BRIDE is a well-written romance. I loved reading about Finn’s parents’ story. And the amazing love story interwoven in the main story of Finn’s sister was an added bonus. RITA and R*BY award winning author Fiona Lowe yet again brings this brilliant romance to her readers and other lovers of romance!

Highly Recommended!