Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck

Lover Undercover

Reviewed by Desere

Having a twin sister is always something I thought would be fun and exciting. Imagine the fun you could have swapping roles with no one being the wiser! But when your twin is a wild child exotic dancer and your the quiet and shy twin , I would imagine life not being so much fun.

In this read I was shown that even if your shy, quiet and reserved deep down inside there is a purring kitten just waiting to be unleashed, you just need that one special totally hot man to set you free.

One such woman is Kylie, she steps in as double for her sister after an accident. Pretending to be a wild and free exotic dancer is something she reckons she cannot do but soon she finds herself focused I am-here-to-protect-you-at-all-costs-Trevor!

And so a story of secrets, murder and more builds. The characters in this read very both well written, however I could not fully grasp why the author lets them both come off as being utterly, and there is not other word for this but stupid !

Kylie for one keeps lying to the police instead of realising this is a life or death situation and coming clean is the name of the game, Trevor digs into her (well that of her sister but still) past yet somehow does not uncover that she has a twin, really bad detective work, and had that little tit bit been revealed sooner I think the author could have offered some great moments of conflict.

The saying of "She appears hot and loose is just a front , for underneath she is the opposite" was present at all times making me as reader immediately pick up on this one is definitely virgin material. Which of course is not a bad thing, however with this book giving the impression of hot and horny all the time it was almost for me as reader a let down, I would have said the author should have made her a one time experienced woman, as I feel that would have put her closer to Trevor's level of heat.

The backdrop was yes granted fun and sexy, with loads of excitement after all this was a fantasy read so yes the author used settings that are definitely hot and keeping in tune with passionate sex, but the 'do me now' scene during a interrogation was just completely bordering on porn.

The dialogue was not truly great, hot and sexy yes, but very unbelievable. It was as if the police work and words were just totally unreal. If I was a police officer and reading this I would be thinking" If this was a real detective he would never solve a case or catch a bad guy for that matter without lots of luck on his side". I have honestly read better.

I recommend this read only for those looking for a hot sexy read and if you do not care too much for detail.
3 star review
" Shy and quiet goes bad" 
Review by TashNz

Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck is in the Brazen Category by Entangled Publishing.  It's a a quick and fun read where the explicitness almost makes the pages combust.  I liken it to a Blaze novel.

Thinking she's innocently helping her twin sister out of a jam Kylie finds herself smack bang in the middle of a murder investigation at the club her sister dances for.  Here she meets the investigating Detective Trevor and they start working together quite closely together while he's trying to solve the case.  The main story takes place in a strip club and the author did well setting and describing the scene.  The only thing I didn't like about Trevor was his name.

I didn't take this story too seriously and I enjoyed some laughs and was entertained.  One of my fave laugh out loud moments was when Trevor said "He's a Detective, he saw the cast".

Entangled's Brazen Category is full of explicit sex scenes if this is your thing.

It's a 3 star story for me but I do have to say I loved Trevor's brilliant marriage proposal to Kylie so much it deserves it's own extra bright and shiny star!

Reviewed by Nas

LOVER UNDERCOVER by author Samanthe Beck is a Brazen Imprint of Entangled Publishing release for April 2013.

Kylie Robert was used to switching places with her twin since childhood. So when her sister injured her foot, she never thought twice about filling in for her at the gentlemen’s club doing strip dancing. But she finds a dead body on her first night dancing and comes under the spotlight of the cops.

Trevor McCade is the detective assigned to the case. He already experienced Kylie’s brand of dancing and now knows she is hiding something.

Will Trevor be able to unearth Kylie’s secrets in time to solve the mystery? And isn’t Kylie’s life also in danger from the killer?

LOVER UNDER COVER is about the hot but sleazy life of strip clubs. The murder that gets committed. And it is also the story of a romance between the stripper and the cop!

Author Samanthe Beck brought this story full of drama, action and danger. With car chases and police stakeouts. The author has packed this thriller with danger and some sizzling scenes as well.
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Reviewed by Maria

This had all the makings of a sexy thriller.  So what happened?

It wasn't really sexy.  Titillating maybe.  The fact that the hero kept hiring the heroine to lap dance for him gave the sexual relationship a rather sleazy look, from which it never quite recovered.

As for the thriller part, the thrills were conspicuous by their absence.  Somehow the book kept missing the mark.

Why?  Well, I couldn't suspend my disbelief and accept the plot.

Do US law enforcement officers really spend their time at strip clubs in the line of duty?  Come on!  It just doesn't make sense when you can simply drag the suspects in for questioning.  Does the precinct have the petty cash to pay the lap dance expenses?  I shudder to think that this is the way US taxpayers money is being spent. If this is the way it really goes, the United States is in serious trouble.

Trevor, the detective investigating the murders doesn't seem to have a boss.  He just does what he pleases.  He seems to have all the authority in this investigation.  Also, he has no discretion.  He cannot button his lip.  He tells Kylie, the young stripper with whom  some murders have been associated that he is about to arrest a suspect.  Kylie promptly blabs to her fellow strippers who inform her that the suspect has been cleared.  I'm sure the Los Angeles Police Department couldn't possibly be that transparent.  Otherwise, they'd never solve a case.And don't get me started on the ethics about a cop getting into a sexual relationship with a possible suspect in a murder case.

As a story of twins, one 'good' and one 'naughty' twin, it had possibilities.  As a story of two young girls trying to make it to the top after starting life on the wrong side of the tracks, it had promise.  As a story of a quiet sister stepping out from the more domineering sister' shadow, it had potential.  But as a love story, it was way too cheesy and cliched.  That final scene where Trevor performs an impromptu striptease to  a Prince track had me drying my eyes.  From the laughing.  Especially when Trevvy baby produces a diamond ring from his jeans pocket   (After inviting Kylie to put her hand in his pocket....yes I'm serious....)

From what I've read, I realize that Samanthe Beck has it in her to write a fantastic book.

Unfortunately, this was not it.