The Secret Wedding Dress by Ally Blake


Reviewed by Desere

We all know the story, girl meets boy, they start dating, they fall in love, they get engaged and then only comes the part of finding the perfect wedding dress.

But if you are a Ally Blake fan you should by now know this author never writes just the plain good old fashioned story, no she takes the usual and turns it into the extraordinary !

In this read we meet Paige, she is as happy as can be, she has her job and her best friend, who needs a man!

But when her best friend hits the shops to find her wedding dress Paige comes face to face with the magic of the perfect dress and buys it on impulse.

Now every woman knows this is not a major problem if you want to keep the perfect dress in the closet until the time comes to walk down the isle what does it matter, it is not like your going to proclaim it out to the entire world, no it is just your little secret.

But with a few life changing words from her friend Paige decides that just maybe she needs to find herself a man not the 'marry me now' kind but rather help 'me get back into the dating game kind', and as if conjured up by a dream in walks I'll -tempt-you-into-sin-everyday-of-the-week Gabe.

Gabe is perfect for filling the position of hot and wild sex filled nights to help Paige get back into the game. But will the man go running when he finds the secret wedding dress or stick around and put on a suit to celebrate the happy ever after?

The main characters of Paige and Gabe were both extremely well written. I loved how Paige goes from ordinary woman to 'I take what I want, when I want" which of course totally blows Gabe's mind, loved seeing the man crumble at her feet.

Gabe was the perfect heart breaker hero that when you meet him you immediately know you need to stay away but you can't resist him so you go for it anyway. I loved that the author digs into his background to show why exactly he is so secretive towards Paige but does not come right out with it rather she slowly lets it build into a truth revealing moment when I least expected it.

The backdrop settings were hot, sexy and exciting coming into perfect alignment with this read! The entire
book scenes, characters, dialogue all simply scream HOT AND SEXY and that is exactly what I got!

From a truly unforgettable (and I do mean unforgettable for you will never forget this one) kiss scene that will leave you breathless and begging to be pinned to a wall by this hero, to the elevator rides these two share, you will never experience a dull moment in this read.

The author managed to show a message of taking a risk in life even if it destroys you perfectly and showed being ordinary is never as much fun as being wild and free.

I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a read that is guaranteed hot, spicy, sexy and definitely not ordinary. This read will make even the hottest book you ever read look tame, and boring. Fast paced, sexy and blazing with passion!

5/5 star review
" Stripping away the defences of the past in the sexiest and wildest way ever"