Billion Dollar Cowboy by Carolyn Brown - Cowboys and Brides #1

Billion Dollar Cowboy (Cowboys & Brides, #1)

Reviewed by Desere

Issues of trust, intimacy, communication, love, understanding you name it the list can go on and on, the truth of the matter is they all stem from one thing, your past.

It can effect your entire future, overshadowing any dreams you might have and hold you back from the life you deserve. Letting go or simply opening up can be the hardest thing you will ever need to do, but when it comes to doing it in the name of love, it opens doors you never knew were closed in the first place.

For Laura that is precisely the case, she comes to the ranch to work off her debt, a debt she only gained by baling her sister out of yet another stunt.

She gets sucked into playing the role of girlfriend to ranch owner Colton, billionaire cowboy, to help him keep the gold diggers at bay. Easy peasy, nope you guessed wrong the attraction between her and Colton is harder to resist than chocolate covered strawberries when your're on a diet!

She gets knocked of her feet by the plain old fashioned cowboy who has the heart of a prince. However she is not the only one that has issues, nope her darling I'll-make-you-burn-hotter-than-the-Texas-sun Colton has his very own set of issues, and with both of them having fears and doubts getting together on a more emotional love-you-forever level seems darn near impossible!

But as we all know this author always has a trick up her sleeve to show just how true love always prevails, and in this read she did so with vivid clarity and told the tale of a memorable couple.

The character of Laura was a real lively one! Fun, feisty, go getting attitude, ready to kick butt no matter what, when or who comes her way. I loved that the author gave her so much spunk, had she been weak and the kind to back down all the time she would not have been a good match for Colton.

Laura is the type of character that is able to push any man when he hits a low point, of course when it comes to her own issues she does not always react with same "Here I go ready to get 'em" spunk but the author shows the reasoning behind this with little flashbacks into her childhood, making it clear to me as reader.  I completely adored Laura and loved every single moment of her showing off her "take me on and eat dust" attitude.

The character of Colton was a real sweetheart of a man, he worked hard till he hit the jackpot, but never does his personality change from use to be poor to now I am so rich I can buy anything I want so therefore I care about nothing, as sadly happens to so many people in real life.

To me as reader this made him the ultimate hero.  I could understand his reasoning behind not trusting people with the whole gold diggers lurking around, and I was actually expecting him to be a more hard and arrogant character because of this.

But instead I got a kind, caring and total angel (okay so not so much of an angel as you're thinking, afterall the man does know how to set the sheets alight), of a man a real nice guy that was the perfect match for Laura, as he knows how and when to push her buttons and when to back down, all while never ever loosing his temper!

The backdrop setting of a small country town where everyone knows everyone and everything about everyone was very nicely incorporated by the author, it blended in with the feeling of belonging and family that Laura needed and it also showed that country folk no matter if they are richer than the biggest of players in the world , they always stick together helping each other out anytime anywhere as if it is all just in a day's work.

The dialogue was fun and playful, emotional and truth revealing, but also laced with loads of humour. I laughed out so load at some of the things that came out of Laura's mouth that I very nearly fell out of my comfy reading chair! But I also found myself tearing up during times when the read got very emotional as the past of both main characters and some secondary ones came tumbling out.

From this read I am taking away a message of, what ever happened to you in your past, it can be overcome all you need to do is take a risk, don't hold back and fight for what you want, along the way you will still encounter sorrow but you will for sure find your happiness.

I recommend this read for all lovers of romances that involve good old fashioned cowboys ready to take on the world in the name of love and for fans who love a heroine that will knock their socks off!

This was the first read in this author's new series of four hot, mouthwatering, delicious kick ass cowboys who each meet their match and I look forward to getting to know the rest. A fun, spicy, passionate and heart warming read!

5 star review
" The cowboy prince finds his very own Marilyn Monroe"