Maddie's Marine by Lynn Raye Harris

Maddie's Marine by Lynn Raye Harris

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

In Maddie's Marine by Lynn Raye Harris, Maddie Forester is a war correspondent who writes a blistering article for the magazine The World News. In the article she likens Marine Major Ryan Cavanaugh leadership to that of a petty dictator and compares him to Hitler. The major ends up getting relieved of duty and transferred. But a chance meeting in Hawaii brings these two back together. And one thing is for sure, neither one can forget the passion that they shared. 

I do have one compliant, I love Lynn Raye Harris's stories. But this story was way to short as I am sure her fans will agree. Looking forward to Hot Pursuit ( Hostile Operations Team #1 ) due out July 15th.

4.5/5 stars

Reviewed by Maria

Lynn Raye Harris is well known as an author of sizzling, contemporary romance.

Readers who are already familiar with her work and romance readers who are longing to try out a new writer would certainly enjoy this short but action packed read.  Many novelists find the short story form rather daunting, but Lynn Raye Harris packs a lot into this novella meant especially for e readers.  The result is a short ebook which will satisfy readers who enjoy contemporary romance.

When Maddie and Ryan meet on the neutral territory of Hawaii, the not so distant past comes to mind.  She, as a news reporter, gave out an unflattering story which cost Ryan some of the sweetest moments of his career.  The tough Marine finds it difficult to let bygones be bygones.  But the sparks of attraction are flying between them.  Can this pair bury the hatchet and get to work on that attraction?

When I say it's a hot read, I'm referring to the sizzling hot chemistry between Ryan and Maddie, rather than to sexual descriptionn.

Recommended for fans of contemporary romance.