Once Is Never Enough by Mira Lyn Kelly

Reviewed by Desere

We have been there, hurt so badly by someone that we trusted and loved with all our hearts, and getting back up and out there seems impossible, but what if you have had to go through it twice? And not just the fall in love and then out of love equals breakup, but the actual ring on the finger nearly at the altar and now it's over!

I am pretty sure that ever getting involved with a man again of any kind will be the one decision you will be most afraid to make. Yet, this is exactly the heartache and challenge Nichole has to face in her life, and when her best friend suggests she lets go of the past hurt and just go out and grab the first hot man she sees and get some in order to get back on track, Nicole goes for it!

Only the man she ends up with is no other than  Mr-I'll-whisper-you-into-submission Garrett, who happens to be the brother of her best friend. She will not risk the friendship so backing off and doing a 360 degree turnaround is the only only option, except Garrett is famous for being able to charm any woman out of her panties in less than a heartbeat, any-time, anywhere and in any position he wants them, and he wants Nichole! Resistance is futile!

The character of Nichole was one of those that pulls at your heartstrings as you can relate to her and the heartache she has had to face, even if you have never gotten to the engaged and then dumped part you still can understand how she feels and immediately as reader I wanted her to find some form of happiness. But loosing your best friend is almost as bad as loosing the man of your dreams, and I admired the author showing the character as a loyal and caring one.

The character of Garrett was a real piece of art, the author gave me as reader a total sweetheart of a man but at the same time a man that still craves to just have fun. He is the responsible, kind and considerate -come I want you just for right now badboy kind of guy that most woman would never in their wildest dreams think of getting involved with for anything else other than a wild crazy sex induced night! But knowing this authors characters are always hiding something I knew the best of this badboy was yet to come through and when it does, trust me ladies you heart will melt on the spot.

The backdrop settings were light and flirty keeping in tune with this is only a sexual thing theme of the book. The dialogue was easy going and fun to read with lots of crazy and fun lines that had me laughing out loud, but there was also some great emotional words from both characters that left me with tears in my eyes.

I loved the battle of resistance between the characters, it did at some point get to the "I wish I could just lock these two up in room together" moment, yet the author did a wonderful job of turning my focus away from all this with other interventions, before bringing it to the moment of explosive heat erupting faster than whipped cream being topped onto desert! Terrific moments of sexual tension and conflict.

I highly recommend this read for readers who love reading about characters facing the challenge of crossing the bridge between friendship to lovers and all that it entails.

4.5 star review
" The panties whisper meets his biggest challenge"