Forgiven But Not Forgotten? by Abby Green

Reviewed by Desere

Blood is thicker than water, and revenge is sweet. Bring the two together and what do you get, two people both willing to give what ever it takes to reach their ultimate goal.

In the latest read from Abby Green I was introduced to a world of past mistakes and hidden secrets overshadowing the future.

The read is about Siena she has want for nothing, her father's wealth ensures she has it all, or so it seems to the outside world.

One night for one heart-stopping passionate moment she lets down her icy rich lifestyle guard and looses control with I-want-you-in-my-bed-simply-because-I-know-I-can-have-you-under-me-in-seconds Andreas. Her actions however sets of a series of events that years later come back to haunt her.

Yes ladies you guessed it, Andreas makes his return and he is out for revenge, he wants her just as badly as he wanted her years before and this time he will have her, and when he is done he will discard her with just as much icy cool as she had him, the shoe is after all on the other foot this time around.

The character of Siena was one I fell in love with from the very start of this read. She is compassionate, strong and a fighter. But most of all I loved the true sisterly love she shows for her sister, right throughout the entire read the author showed just want sisterly love can and will endure. The fact that she cannot forget what she has done also showed that she has true heart, and courage when she reaches the point of no where to turn, as reader I completely adored her.

The character of Andreas was one that in the start I felt sympathy for but not so much as what I felt for Siena, he made a mistake but one that he gets back up from, but instead of moving on he clings to revenge and bargains that it will set his restless soul free. As we all know revenge is never good and in his case it did give him the boost to the top he needed but, it also made him a cold hearted hero, that I honestly was not liking too much, but once the author peeled back the layers to this man I very quickly fell for him and I fell hard!

The backdrop settings were exquisitely described by the author each setting matched the emotions of the character with perfect precision from hot and steamy passionate encounters to dark,gloomy life changing confessions, and in the end it was all brought together in one of the most romantic settings in the world, that left me with that perfect feeling of pure romance I have come to always expect from this author.

As reader I was given terrific moments of conflict, secrets of the unspeakable kind being revealed  and moments of pure frustration but also of pure joy as the author truly let the power of love and family ties shatter the emotional hell of revenge.

The author also incorporated lines and scenes from two very popular romance movies, and no I am not telling you will have to read the book to find out which two, all I am saying is very nicely done Abby you had me at opera!

From this read I am not only taking away the message of you need to let go of the past and focus on the future for somewhere amongst all the heartache lies a love so pure and so strong it can never be broken, but also a message of never judge someone purely from what you can see on the outside, the image given is sometimes the only way for that person to survive their surroundings.

I highly recommend this read for all romance fans of romance reads with a emotionally thrilling sexiness that will leave you breathless!

5/5 star review
"Revenge opens the doors to forgiveness"