Heating Up Hawaii by Carmen Falcone

The very name suggests a hot read and that's exactly what this is.  The wonderful Carmen Falcone's reunion story of the very grounded Penny and the very enigmatic Luc. Their passionate love affair burnt itself out eight years before, owing to misunderstanding and immaturity.  But this time around, they're going to be all mature about this, right?  And no one's going to get hurt....not even slightly scorched.  And therein lies the problem....

Penny's had a sad childhood.  Her parents separated after Penny's mother discovered that her husband and Penny's father had been cheating and not only that, Penny had known about it.  Penny's relationship with her mother was damaged and had her grandmother not been around, the child that Penny was would have suffered too much.  As it was, Penny still lost her grandmother way too early.  Luc had to shoulder the burden of caring for his mother and severely disabled brother way too  young after the death of his father - so Luc and Penny's first encounter ended in tears.  Not to mention a pregnancy which Luc knew nothing about and which tragically miscarried.

It's almost a decade later.  Self-made Luc is now a hotel magnate.  Penny's a PR heavyweight, on the brink of opening her own company.  She accepts a short term contract from Luc, to launch the Maui Leoni, his Hawaiian acquisition.  This job will give Penny prestige, confidence and contacts.  All she needs to go it alone in business.  And of course, her relationship with Luc will be entirely professional....yeah, right!

Working in close proximity, the pair attempt to, but are unable to hide their strong bond and attraction.  It's only a matter of time before their passions ignite and then watch them heat up Hawaii.

As a romance novella, it's quite perfect.  Very reminiscent of the  Presents/Modern imprint of Harlequin Mills & Boon.  The love scenes are scorching, so it might be advisable to wear dark glasses.  It mightn't be any harm to keep a cold drink to hand.  On second thoughts, make that a cold shower.

Alpha male hero, with some lovable flaws, check.  Beautiful heroine who's just the right mixture of vulnerability and woman of substance, check.  The passion quotient, check.  Exotic location, check. The healing power of love, check.Heck, it comes up to standard on every level and is recommended for readers who like bold, romance fiction.

I've no choice but to give it full marks.  Really.


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Heating Up Hawaii by Carmen Falcone

Things really do Heat up in Hawaii, when ex lovers reunite. Will they be able to get pass their issues from eight years ago. And what will happen between these two, when secrets are revealed.

Penny Ashbrook dreams of opening her own PR company, she is currently working for Charles Dawn. Having walked away from his son, Darren Dawn the day before they were to be married. While she came close to getting married six months ago. There has really only been one true love for her, and she is about to come face to face with Luc again. She has a number of secrets, that she has been carrying around for years. I felt so bad for Penny's character and the issue she lived thru alone, when she first left Luc.

Eight years ago Luc Leoni was struggling to make a name for himself. Penny might have set him back eight years ago, but now he is a self made billionaire. Half French and half Italian he makes for one smoking hot Hero. When he accidentally overhears Penny's name mentioned he asks to be introduced. One thing he realizes when he comes face to face with her again, is that the attraction is still there for both of them.

The love scenes were really well written. While I found Darren's character believable, I struggled with his fathers story line. Threatening to fire someone who is working to pay you back money, just has a weird vibe to it for me. But overall really good story.

4/5 stars