The Baby Deal by Kat Cantrell

The Baby Deal

Reviewed by Desere

Most couples of today will tell you , that she either wears her hair up only because he loves it that way, or he does not watch sports any more simply because she is not a fan. But have you ever truly taken the time when hearing someone make such a statement to really think about the reason why he or she has made the sacrifice ?

The answer is clear, our love for another is stronger than our own passion for life, without the other person we would simply not want to exist in the first place, and this pushes us to change. But when you make that change however small it may be, a question remains. Are you truly the same person you use to be, or are you simply floating along as a former part of yourself ?

In the new Kat Cantrell read she tells the story of Juliana and Shay, they meet fall head over heals in love with each other despite their differences in personalities, after all opposites attract. Shay is a adrenaline junkie addicted to fast cars, bungee jumping, jumping from moving bikes you name it this man does it all. Where as Juliana is more the keeping her nose in the books type, and the only time these two are really truly connected is when in bed. The sex is hot, passionate and off the charts !

But Juliana has her life all planned out and she does not need the risk of losing Shay at any given moment with one of his adrenalin stunts, so she ends it. Fast forward eight years into the future and we find Juliana now a successful child psychologist divorced and childless, pretty much with no excitement in her life what so ever.

Until I'll-take-you-to-the-moon-and-back-when-your-in-my-arms Shay shows up at her doorstep with a baby, begging her to teach him to be a father. She can handle spending a little time with a cute baby but spending time with the one man her heart, body and soul has always truly belonged to, not so easy as she knows they can never be together, for change is the one thing Shay will never do, not for her anyway.

The characters of Juliana and Shay were both exquisitely well written. The author took me deep into the troubled mind of Juliana and her fears. I liked that Juliana thinks logically but only up to the point of what makes her happy. I was not crazy about her not taking the time to stop and think of what her actions are doing to Shay. However she got really interesting when the author started incorporating Juliana's work into her actions, by slowing letting the 'mind games' she practices on her patients become a vivid reality for Juliana, loved reading about Juliana's fall from her prim and proper pedestal!

Shay on the other hand goes above and beyond by changing his whole life, selling his fast cars and staying put behind his desk, but again same as Juliana it is simply because he wants to prove to the world he can be a good father, he does not stop to think that his actions are giving off the wrong vibe to Juliana. I loved the idea that the author lets him think he can have it all by giving up everything but his heart. As we all know that can never be done, you're either in it heart and soul or not at all.

These two were a delight to read and I loved that the author let me in on what they both were thinking but not each other, it let me as reader feel like I was reading a mystery and all the facts were clear to me but not the unsuspecting characters and I could not wait for the moment of reality to come falling from the sky when the truth is finally revealed.

The backdrop settings screamed excitement and passion. Hot and sexy love scenes and thrilling moments of joy and sorrow. The dialogue was laced with lust, past hurt, emotional soul baring moments and classic Kat Cantrell awesomeness!

From this read I am taking away the message that when you fall in love with someone trying to change them is not the answer just so that you can either have the perfect version of what you have always dreamed of or even simply because you are afraid. Take the time to find a compromise that will benefit you both, and you will find that you truly love the person for who they are instead of what you want them to be.

I highly recommend this read for fans of Kat Cantrell reads, for romance addicts who love reading about old flames finding their happy ever after. And for anyone who simply knows the meaning of "When change comes knocking on your door, it's time to let go and live a little!"

A passionate, romantic read that will leave you begging to jump straight off the cliff and into the flames of passion.
5/5 star review

"Pushing the limits of change" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

The Baby DealBillionaire Michael “Shay” Shaylen has just became a father, but not in the way most would. His best friends and co owners of GGS Aerospace Grant and Donna Greene were killed in and experimental ship designed for space tourism. In their will they left their infant son Michael “Mikey” to Shay to raise. Now he has travel to the doorstep of the one woman he knows can help teach him how to be a great father. Dr. Juliana Cane, his ex lover.

Juliana walked away from Shay eight years ago, but not because she didn’t love him. But because she feared his love of danger would end his life at an early age. So she did what she felt she had to do to protect her heart. Now with a failed marriage and 4 failed attempts at IVF. She has focused her life on helping others. But now that Shay has reentered her life, how will she ever be able to walk away again.

Shay never forgot Juliana or the heart break she caused when she walked away from him. He still wants her but only in his bed. And when he learns everything he needs to be a good father to Mikey, and wins his custody battle. Shay will be more than happy to see her leave. Because this time there will be no emotions involved, this will only be about  sex.

I enjoyed the verbal banter between the main characters. And the passion was really good. The part that held me back a little bit with this story was her being a doctor and a psychologist at that. Granted a child psychologist, but she wanted him to change who he was when they dated. In true love you accept people for who they are and not want to change them. But still this is a really good story. About two people with a second chance to get it right this time. And of course there is adorable Micky!

Favorite lines :
“What’s my nonverbal saying?”
“It says you’re interested in throwing me over your shoulder and doing very wicked things to me upstairs.”
His eye widened involuntarily. “Wow, you’re good. What is your nonverbal saying? ‘Please hurry’?
She laughed but it was husky and affected, maybe because she was picturing those wicked things. “More like ‘please get over yourself.”

4/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.