Driving Her Crazy by Amy Andrews

Review by Nancy Crocker

Driving Her Crazy by Amy Andrews

Sadie Bliss is trying to make her big break as a journalist when she is offered a job to interview her ex lover Leonard Pinto. Her boss wants her to travel cross country with famed photographer Kent Nelson and also write a piece about their road trip.

Kent Nelson agrees to photograph Leonard Pinto but he refuses to fly. His editor agrees to his cross county trip but only if he takes along journalist Sadie Bliss. With Kent suffering from PTSD, after a helicopter accident in  war torn Afghanistan, and Sadie who suffer motion sickness this trip is about to get very interesting.

The character of Sadie suffers from a lack of self esteem especially after having Leo is a “poor excuse” as a lover. Convinced she needs to lose weight before facing Leo she is munching on celery sticks and carrots and drooling over the junk food and burgers that Kent is eating on this road trip. Why she ever wanted to impress Leo is beyond me. He came across as controlling, selfish and not much of a lover from the description of him.

I did enjoy the banter and laughter with these two. And the scene in the bathroom at the hotel with the spider had me in stitches. I was laughing very hard. Both Sadie and Kent are withholding secrets. And at some point they are going to have to learn to trust each other in order for this relationship to work.

This was a very enjoyable read. I really loved the idea of sleeping under the stars and making love on the roof of a land rover in the Australian Outback.  It made me wish, I could afford to travel to Australia and take a road trip.

4.5/5 Stars

I wish to say Thank You to Amy Andrews for sending me this book. I had won a contest in which I had already read the book offered and she was kind enough to make a substitution. I also purchased an e-copy of the book.