A Wedding She'll Never Forget by Robyn Grady

Reviewed by Desere

I have often heard people say that a person is so uptight that they need a good beating so they can loosen up a little. But never have I ever thought that it would actually help.

However in the world of Scarlet it is exactly what brings the real her out and sets loose a care free woman that does the opposite of everything she usually would be avoiding, even something as dangerous as an offer of a wild affair with for-me-you-will-trip-over-your-own-feet-playboy Daniel!

But when her memory returns she realises she is no longer the same person she use to be nor is her heart her own, it belongs to Daniel and getting the playboy to the altar is mission impossible.

The characters of both Scarlet and Daniel were very well written. I loved that they are the complete opposite of each other.

Daniel being carefree and the type to jump on his bike and just take off driving when he gets bored at a wedding and Scarlet rather the type to stick around and see it through even though she wants noting more than to go home.

It gave this read the perfect opposites attract element and at the same time the author showed that we all have a hidden person hidden that needs just the right nudge to bring them out.

I loved that Scarlet goes from stuck up to care free, it made for some very fun moments! I adored that Daniel is the one that in a way teaches her that she can still have fun while being responsible, and that balance is the key in life.Also loved that she faces her momentary lapse head on, most people will huddle away and panic when losing their memory instead she goes for it all, which to me showed courage.

Daniel was a real honest to goodness sexy, playboy, come and get me , with me everything is fun hero! Loved that the author used him to bring out the playful side of Scarlet even whilst she suffers memory loss.

I particularly loved that the author lets Daniel also confront his past through his experiences with Scarlet, it was as if she brings out the real him whist he sees her as she is meant to be, terrific combination of hidden emotions and secrets.

The backdrop settings were fun, inviting and exciting. The dialogue was sexy humour laced with romance, compassion and deep emotion.

I took away a message of maintaining balance in life is important, as the saying goes "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

I highly recommend this read for all Robyn Grady fans, lovers of the Desire reads, and for anyone looking for a fun opposites attract whilst neither one is really themselves, read!

4.5 star review
"Love will reveal the true person we are inside" 

Review by TashNz
A Wedding She'll Never Forget
Robyn Grady * 5 Stars

Robyn Grady's A Wedding She'll Never Forget is part of the series: Daughters of Power: The Capital.  In the background is the congressional investigation into who is hacking into the Presidents phone and computer.  Leaked to the media is the discovery that the President has an illegitimate daughter Ariella.

Scarlet Anders is best friend/business partner with Ariella of an elite Event Planners company and together are planning the wedding of close friend Caro.  Scarlet has been raised right with the hopes of her parents to marry someone elite and well to do.  Scarlet doesn't have one hair out of place and is so determined to make sure she uses the right knife and fork she doesn't really have time to notice her just as well to do fiancee isn't the right person for her... until she meets the best man, Australian IT self-made billionaire Daniel McNeil.  

Instead of being put off by Scarlet's stuck up ways he's curious and looks twice.  All Scarlet can do is look back and it's not long before she wakes up to the fact that maybe her fiancee isn't the right one, knowing that cutting him loose will change her parents path they've chosen for her.  

An accident at work causes  Scarlet to suffer from  memory loss as well as alters her normally morally rigid and posh behaviours to fun-loving risk-taking no holds bared Scarlet.  She takes her relationship with Daniel to the next level and decides to throw caution to the wind and jet off half way across the world for an action-filled affair with Daniel.  

When Scarlet's memories do start returning they're mixed up with memories that she cant pin but knows they're real, she can almost see and taste them which opens up a whole new can of worms for her and everyone she knows, there's consequences for all.

Daniel is probably every girls dream, an intelligent, fun loving, fabulous looking, jetsetting, caring billionaire.  He's got his own history and it does help shape him but over all he's just in town to be a best mate to his friend. He takes care of Scarlet, she trusts him completely and is blown away when she takes them to the next level.

I really love this series, all the books I have read in it have strong characters with fantastic back-stories and it's all set amongst the congressional investigation and all the drama that that brings.  I love the location and the eliteness described is just as my imagination pictures the world of these daughters of powerful figures.  

I loved the twist in this book and I'm constantly wishing I had the imagination to write, instead I read the wonderful tales Robyn Grady creates and come away sad i've come to another "last page".  

I dedicate this sentance to just say: Love the cover!!!

Highly recommended for any Harlequin Desire fan, anyone who's looking for a series to work their way thru and anyone who's looking for just that little bit more in a story :)

5 Stars
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