Italian Affair by Annie Seaton

Reviewed by Maria 

Ladies, meet Tomas Richards.  He's the kind of man your mother would love you to hook up with.  Sensible?  Certainly.  Financially sound?  He's a bursar, for Heaven's sake, the man is an accountant.  Get your hands on this guy, you're set up for life .Just the kind of man you want to bank on for a secure and stable future.  Well, that's what Dr. Melissa McIntyre thought when she got engaged to this man.  Then she ups and throws him aside and jumps headlong into a sexy and passionate relationship with Tomas' brother Nick, with complete and utter abandon!  So the bohemian and devil may care brother Nick gets the girl and poor Tomas is history.

But now things are about to change. Tomas has just made enough money to never have to work again.  So he's off to Italy, his mother country, so to speak, to find himself. He's planning to make a few changes.  He wants to maybe get a tattoo and maybe even start wearing an earring.  It's goodbye to the sensible accountant type and hello to a brand new Tomas.  He just doesn't happen to know that there's a storm heading his way. A walking catastrophe in the shape of Scottish pychologist Brianna Ballantyne (don't you just love that name?) who Tomas meets on the plane out of Oz, en route to Italy.  Brianna needs Tomas' support in more ways than one. Just let's say that Lipari Island will NEVER be the same again.

Brianna and Tomas are two distinctive characters who will stay in your mind even when you put down the book.  You keep wanting to get back into their world to see what's going to happen next.

I had assumed that this would be a romantic tryst with a continental lover.  Silly me for assuming.  I should have known by now that when it comes to author Annie Seaton's work, there is no point in assuming anything.  The woman is full of surprises.  Against a perfect Italian romantic backdrop, she gives us a story about finding your true self as well as finding your true love.  If you pick up no other summer read this year, at least pick up this one.  Just like her previous release HOLIDAY AFFAIR, which is Book 1 of her Affair Series, this is a worthwhile piece of women's fiction as well as a romance read. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to a good romance read.  Don't miss it.

ITALIAN AFFAIR is Book II in Annie Seaton's Affair Series.