Animal Attraction by Lori Foster, Heidi Betts, Maisey Yates and Jules Bennett

Animal Attraction (Includes: Buckhorn Brothers, #6)

Reviewed by Desere

                           Buckhorn Ever After by Lori Foster

In this five chapter read we meet Shohn, he is hot, hot, hot and more hot! He wants Nadine, he has always wanted her yet something has help him back and instead he has stuck to his playboy love-em-love-em lifestyle.

But looking into the eyes of Nadine one day he suddenly realises it's time to go for it. He has her every which way you can think of.

Only Nadine wants their relationship to remain a secret, for when Shohn breaks her heart like all the other girls in town she would prefer to handle the heartache in secret, instead of being branded as yet another notch in Shohn's bedpost.

Shohn can handle this but only up to the point where letting the world know she is his woman, even if he has to kill off a family member to prove it!

A hot little read about jealousy, finding happiness in the place you are and family that come together to ensure love finds it way to completion. The characters were well written and I liked the conflict and heat between the characters, it set the pages alight.

Adored the cat in this little tale, it added the feeling of coming home to the read. Recommend for Lori Foster fans and for all romance readers who like family meddling!


                                                   Imagine Me and You by Maisey Yates

All Maisey Yates fans know she writes gorgeous ,tormented, badboy hero's that are simply to die for! This time around she has done so again, a drool worthy, come sit in my lap and let me unwrap you for Christmas cowboy!

That cowboy is Jace,but he is not your typical romance hero, yes he is drop dead sexy, great in bed, a badboy when it comes to the have sex and walk away traits, but his past has given him one very quirky habit, the man is a neat freak!
His home is the absolute perfect image of clean. Nothing is out of place, everything is spotless. That is until his best friend Samantha shows up needing a place to stay, only with her comes her beloved dog Poppy with extra drool included.

Jace actually does not handle the dog fur and drool situation too badly and it was rather funny. But the one thing he cannot handle is the simmering attraction for Samantha, it has been there for years but he has been able to brush it off. But now she is in his house looking all gorgeous and he wants her bad. He is thrilled to find she wants him too, but risking their friendship is something Samantha simply will not do. Jace however has a plan and if he has to allow the drooling dog to sleep on his precious couch to get Samantha into bed then this neat freak will break all his own rules!

The characters were both simply great ! I am use to this author's Mills and Boon reads with classy heroines and classier rich hero's but in this read the main characters were both down to earth, spoke their minds and just went with the flow, this was nice and refreshing!

The read comes in at only eleven chapters but was in no way too short or too long, it was just perfect. A very sensual, sexy read about friends who turn to lovers. Highly recommend for all Maisey Yates fans and lovers of cowboys who just don't quit when it comes to getting their woman !


                                                            Gimme Shelter by Heidi Betts

Another five chapter read, this one about Dean and Erica and the three adorable kittens that bring them together.

Dean rescues them so he is definitely hero material ladies! Now the attraction between Erica and Dean move very quick and it is not long before the pages start to burn up with the sizzling heat!

But when Dean decides he is not keeping the kittens he goes from hero to zero in Erica's eyes only the poor man has no idea that is the reason she is giving him the cold shoulder, so he sets out on a mission to get to the bottom of it!

The characters were both likeable and I found myself thinking how perfect they are for each other. I liked the  author using the kittens as the link for this couple. It gave the perfect "ties that bind us" feel for this read.

A very nice little story about compassion and communication. Recommend for all cat lovers !

                                                        Partner in Crime by Jules Bennett

We all do something in the middle of the night that we find heroic, but things can always go wrong. Only for Saige she thinks rescuing animals for crazy owners is just that and the only thing that can go wrong is if she is caught, but she is always extra careful and so reckons it will never happen. Until her red hot drop dead gorgeous ex-cop neighbour Abel turns her in to the police!

Not only is she arrested she loses the dog she was trying to rescue! She is in total shock as only a few hours before she had been having the best orgasms all thanks to being in this man's arms and now this!

This is a short nine chapter read that was also a very easy read, the authors words flowed very nicely and she brought all together with a crazy mess of various animals, each one cuter than the other!

The characters were both very nicely written. I liked that the author lets the attraction between a always do the right thing Abel and do what you must even if you break the law Saige pop from page one.

A wonderful message of life gives us what we need when we least expect it! Highly recommended for all lovers of Jules Bennett fans and romance reads that move with ease and at a fast pacey.


All four stories contained adorable animals from cute little kittens to seriously bad smelling dogs,I adored each one of them. I highly recommend this read for all romance readers looking for a book that contains it all some mystery, some suspense, some police action and yes a delicious cowboy!

Sexy, passionate, romantic, heartfelt, sensual and completely rocking!

5/5 star review
" The playboy, the neat freak cowboy, the rescuer and the cop all meet their match" 

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker
Animal Attraction (Includes: Buckhorn Brothers, #6)

Animal Attraction by Lori Foster, Maisey Yates, Heidi Betts and Jules Bennett 
Four Short Stories:
Buckhorn Ever After by Lori Foster
Imagine Me and You by Maisey Yates
Gimme Shelter by Heidi Betts
Partner in Crime by Jules Bennett

Buckhorn Ever After by Lori Foster

Nadine has been attracted to Shohn Hudson the local Forest Ranger for what seems like forever. But she has kept her feelings well hidden. She now runs the local Pet Hotel, where folks can drop their beloved pets off for the day or while on vacation. Nadine is loveable and strong minded and has no problem standing up to Shohn.

Shohn Hudson is not the serious type, oh he loves the ladies but he has never been in love with them. He is never in short supply for female company and word has gotten around just how much the ladies love him. When he stops by the Pet Hotel to pick up his cousins dog he is shocked at just how attracted he is to Nadine and wonders why they never hooked up before. Now he had decided he will do whatever he needs to do to have Nadine. Including, adopting a BIG CAT.

There were some really cute lines in this book. It had me snickering quite a bit. And to see what they come up with to have some private time away from this “stuck like glue Cat” Louie

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Imagine Me and You by Maisey Yates

In this darling short by MaiseyYates, we meet long time friends Jace and Samantha. They have known each other since high school. While neither one has had a relationship that has lasted, their friendship has stood the test of time.

Samantha has shown up on Jace’s doorstep needing a place to stay. She has a MOOSE aka “Newfoundland “for a dog and needs a temporary place for a month. She promises it won’t be an issue, but we all can see the writing on the wall when Samantha and Poppy move into Mr. OCD’s house. Jace is a clean freak, everything has a place and no dust is going to settle on his furniture. So how is he going to stop from going nuts when drooling Poppy moves in?  Let the laughter begin.

And wow was there ever some steamy scenes in this book … yeah I know but seriously they were in the shower … STEAMY!  For a short story Maisey was able to pack in quite a bit of back story to explain Jace’s obsession with cleaning and having everything in it place.

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Gimme Shelter by Heidi Betts

In Gimme Shelter: Erica has secretly drooled over her hunk of a neighbor for a year now. And she is surprised when he shows up on a rainy evening after midnight holding three small kittens. Dean has come to the only person he thinks can help him with the small kittens he rescued from work. Erica is an animal L O V E R! Mom to two dogs and three cats of her own. So she was the go to gal when it comes to animal care.

Dean had noticed Erica before but never up close and is shocked how pretty she really is.  While she helps him warm up the kittens and feed them they start flirting with each other. She lets him know he will have to stay at her house with her, to help feed the kittens every couple of hours. They soon realize they have a lot in common. And neither can move fast enough to get the other in bed.

Heidi Did a great job making me feel like I was watching the antics of these three little kittens. I even enjoyed how Dean named them The Three Stooges Larry Curly and Moe. It was quite cute to see what they go into.

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Partner in Crime by Jules Bennett

In Jules Bennett’s short story Partner in Crime: We meet Abel who is pet setting for his sister Leah who is in the military in Iraq.  Recuperating from a gunshot wound he received while a police officer. He is waiting to be cleared to return to the Police force and is hoping to take a job in Lexington. When the neighbor’s dog fluffy grabs a plastic ball with Spike inside “Leah’s guinea pig”, of course Abel panics. But soon the guinea pig is rescued. But Abel is not sure he will be the same.  He is instantly attracted to Saige. She is just the type of woman Abel is attracted to, not all skin and bones. But a woman he can hold on to.

Saige is so much more than a pretty face. While she works at a vet clinic during the day. At night she is busy breaking the law by stealing dogs. With tips from a friend she dons black clothing and goes into the worse of neighborhoods to rescue dogs that are being abused, used in fighting or just plain neglected. She uses her own money to care, treat and love these dogs to health while finding them good homes to go to.  

When Abel sees her leaving late at night he follows her. He makes her tell him what is really going on and when she is determined to go back for the dog, he tells a fellow police officer and has Saige picked up. But there is so much more behind this. While Saige is really angry over feeling betrayed, she soon changes her tune when he tells her why he did this.

I loved the story line Partners in Crime. I loved that there was someone willing to do anything to rescue abused and neglected animals. There were also a few funny lines in this book. Especially regarding Fluffy, and her little problem.

These four short stories were really cute.  One of the things I enjoyed was each one had a few laughs in each, along with some steamy romance.

Another reason to purchase this book - The authors are donating all of their proceeds from Animal Attraction to the Animal Adoption Foundation of Hamilton, OH, a charitable organization.

 4.5/5 stars