The Man Behind The Pinstripes by Melissa McClone

The Man Behind the Pinstripes by Melissa McClone

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

The Man Behind the Pinstripes by Melissa McClone: Becca Taylor followed a misguided heart at the age of eighteen and ended up spending three years in prison. Since being released she has followed her passion for dogs. Now a certified vet tech she dreams of becoming a full-time dog handler. Befriended by Gertie Fairchild, she has been hire to groom and show her dogs. Becca is determined to never let another man rule her head or heart. I loved that she became strong, feisty, dependable and spoke her mind.

Caleb Fairchild has come to his grandmother Gertie's estate to discuss her latest invention. What he never planned on, was meeting Becca. He becomes suspicious when he finds out Becca is living in the guest cottage. Convinced she is a gold digger like his ex-finance, he hires a private investigator. When confronted with the report he is shocked to learn how upfront Becca is about her past. Caleb is handsome, but a little to uptight. And very protective of his Grandmother.

Though neither planned it, there is no denying the growing attraction between these two. She has an issue with rich men. And he doesn't care for anything serious. Both characters were likable, but my heart just went out to Becca's character. She suffered so much at the hands of others. 

You also had wonderful secondary character such as Gertie, Courtney "Caleb's" sister both were well written. I loved the support that both showed to Becca, and Gertie's wisdom regarding her own grandson. We are also introduced to Becca's parents Rob and Debbie. I also enjoyed the story line. And all of the four legged friends.

4.5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.