The Queen's Nine Month Scandal by Abby Green -Royal Baby Collection

Reviewed by Desere

Being Queen I am sure must be one of the worst responsibilities to have, you have an entire country depending you. Yes it must be the same for a King but when you are female and something goes wrong chances are a remark such as "If she were a man, none of this would have happened" are bound to pop up, and I think it will take a exceptionally strong woman to handle it, without tumbling to the ground.

In the new read from Abby Green she delves in the world of Queen Analia . She has been the country's ruler since the age of nine. She has always stuck the rules, putting her people and their needs first, never taking any time for herself. And because she has always been guarded with a bodyguard not less than five feet from her, she has also never had the chance to find passion in the arms of a man.

Soon she will marry her selected Prince, the mere thought of him kissing her turns her stomach inside out. But she has no choice, it is for her people. Suddenly she realises how trapped she feels and sneaks out to a masked ball. No one will recognise her with her mask and she wants just one night of freedom. Her freedom comes in the form of in-my-arm-you-will-find-heaven Daniel.

They share a few hours of incredible passion together, however they go by the names of Sasha and Alexandra and the Queen keeps her mask in place. Making love with a stranger seems easier for Queen Analia , she can simply walk away from any feelings this man is able to create, and before the night is through she is gone and Daniel wakes up to a empty bed feeling none of the peace he did when she was in his arms. He has to find her, but how do you find a nameless, masked dream lover? The answer hits him as a international newspaper headline, Virgin Queen pregnant!".

The character of Queen Analia was very well written and I felt true compassion and sadness for her. Having to rule a country your entire life, being watched, and all your personal decisions made for you by a royal board of advisers, not to mention having to ensure that your country is always placed first ahead of yourself. I would not be able to do this, as I am sure most woman would not even want to try, and I truly felt like erupting into tears are her loneliness!

Analia was not as fearless as I would have expected a Queen to be, but the author showed this is due to her always being watched and her every move controlled , I understood why she feels she needs to remain perfect. I loved that she finds the courage to step away from her nickname even if just for one night and never to be revealed to the world.

The character of Daniel was a total swoon worthy hero. He is hot and powerful, arrogant and a force to be reckoned with , yet he also has his heart firmly guarded against pain. He does not trust anyone and never will. I loved that the author made him a badboy with a past of hurt, and that she lets his restlessness shine through the way he lives. Reckless and seeking, until he finds the peace he has been craving. I adored that the author lets him take what he wants and go where he wants , it made him almost more of action hero and he brought to the read that certain edginess needed to hotten up the lonely guarded Queen.

The backdrop settings was hot and passionate, from the hotel room where the real world fades away and the characters are simply two strangers finding pleasure and a connection stronger than life it self in each others arms right up to the moment of truth with the entire world watching. The dialogue was mysterious, sexy and emotional, the author made sure to include as many various lines as possible in a five chapter read.

I received the message of when you seek peace and cannot find it , don't stop keep going you never know, your peace might just come walking through the door and straight into your arms. Believe in love it will teach you how to trust again and most importantly never let the world forget you are still human even if you are the Queen, you do need some time to simply be you.

I highly recommend this read for all Abby Green fans and for those who love a good royal scandal. A very sexy twenty minute read guaranteed to leave you wanting to very much be Queen just to be in the arms of this badboy.

4.5 star review
"Going from virgin to scandal in just one night"