The Accidental Heir by Susan Stephens -Royal Baby Collection

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine going from living in one bedroom home with only a kettle to living in a palace as Princess and ruler of your own country! What could be better for a struggling woman. Suddenly you have servants, more clothes than you will need in lifetime and you don't need a kettle to get a warm cup of tea no you only need to snap your tiny fingers.

But if along with that came a royal council telling you, you need to give them a heir legitimate or illegitimate does not mater just make sure you get pregnant, I reckon any woman would think twice about sticking around as the country's personal incubator for the next royal heir!

Yet this is what happens to Astrid, she is the only heir to the throne after the king passes on, distant relative or not she is it. She finds her courage and takes the leap , promising to not let her country down. She even goes as far as making sure she knows everything there is to know about the country in order to be the best possible ruler.

But to know it all she needs help and a tutor is just what the council ordered, only if the tutor is a arrogant, sex on legs, definite stud Prince that does not care what he says or does, she is not so sure she wants to learn all there is to know, until she gets real up close and personal with the overbearing brute of man and resisting him is the furthest thing from her suddenly frozen on sex mode brain! But will he think the pregnancy bombshell is just because she is doing her duty and chose him as the sperm donor or does she feel more for him that she is letting on ?

The character of Princess Astrid was really unique, she is strong and determined like most princesses from royal reads are yet she is also just one of the people. She thinks about her people as family and not just as a duty. I loved this idea from the author as it showed the princess as in touch with others feelings and not being a selfish 'I always get my way because I am the princess now" character. Even when giving a order she feels out of her depth as it just does not seem necessary, yet she does so in order to keep the royal house happy, she stays with her roots as a once ordinary woman.

The character of Karl was a bit of a shocker for this read. Not because he is a brute or arrogant or so full of himself and being the ultimate in everything that is involved in surviving but because of his bedroom manners. Mills and Boon Royal reads do not in my experience usually give us a Prince that puts as much force into his love making as he does everything else. It is yes always a mind-blowing experience for the woman who gets him into bed, but the with somewhat more finesse giving way to the fact that we are dealing with a royal hero. Not the 'I am doing you now hard and fast, over and over". As a royal hero he felt a bit out of place for me in this read.

With both characters being so unique in the sense that we have a Princess being down to earth instead of all royal and stuck up, and taking what she wants as woman and not as Princess, and a Prince being more of the erotic playboy type, the read was certainly not uninteresting and I found it quite entertaining. But yes a little out of play for the Royal Baby Collection.

The backdrop settings were also somewhat unconventional, it is not everyday that I get to read about a prince and princess getting down and dirty in tent in the middle of nowhere , does not seem very royal does it?

The dialogue for this read was fun and exciting in the start as it offered up some great moments of conflict however again a line such as " You have to be gentle with me because you are so damn big" felt out of place.

Overall a entertaining read, coming in at nine chapters. But I feel that it would fit better into a more hot short reads line than the Royal Baby Collection.

I am taking away a message of , there is strength in numbers and beneath the ice there is always greener grass. I recommend this read for lovers of short royal reads with a twist.

3.5 star review
" Accidental or not, they are bound for life"