Wings of Fear by Helene Young

Reviewed by Nas

Wings of Fear

WINGS OF FEAR previously published as BORDER WATCH is by author Helen Young.

Captain Morgan Pentland is unaware that customs official Rafe Daniels has her under surveillance. He is her mission commander and she follows his orders. Yet Rafe is sure that someone is leaking information to the terrorists.

Could it be Morgan? His instincts are screaming a resounding no, yet the evidence points to her.

While following Rafe's orders, Morgan's airplane was shot in the sky. And she had to crash land the aircraft, losing one of her closest friend and colleague. Would Rafe still take her as guilty?

WINGS OF FEAR is a fast paced, thrilling and keeping me on the edge of seat story. It is full of drama, action intrigue and danger. With car chases and police stakeouts. Morgan is a strong heroine. Author Helene Young has packed this thriller with tension, danger and suspense. As well as some sizzling scenes and emotional punch. After reading this story I have new respect for the hard job done by border control officers.