What the Bride Didn't Know by Kelly Hunter


Reviewed by Desere 

Leaning on others for strength is not something everyone is able to do, for some they feel as if their weakness and inability to perform a certain task or act in a certain manner is their downfall simply because it means they are not normal. They tend to build up walls of defence to insure no one intrudes until such time they have sorted through it all, but some of them never fully emerge from behind those walls ever again.

Instead they come out stronger and more determined than ever before to get back out there and tackle life but a part of them still holds onto their former self, wishing they could go back and change the past.

Their determination does have the positive outcome of them pushing hard to gain balance again in life but unfortunately for some it also means that they are only willing to push forward on their own and never with the help from anyone else no matter how much that person loves them.

In the new read from Kelly Hunter the story of Lena and Trig is one that plays out the "lean on me" line perfectly. Lena has always been a tomboy, wanting to play it hard with the big boys and she does so with perfect skill, always chasing the adrenalin of the world gunning down bad guys one bullet at a time, and right by her side is her brother Jared and his best friend Adrian or better known as Trig. Trig has always wanted Lena but Jared made it clear from day one that Trig is not to even so much as think about touching his sister unless it is to save her from harm.

So when Lena and Trig find themselves undercover in Istanbul hunting down Jared and Lena takes a fall what other choice does Trig have but to take care of her and protect her from further harm, that is until she finds out he is the harm and his lies will be worse than any physical pain Lena has ever had to endure, but all is fair in love and war and Trig intends to win this war one way or the other.

The character of Lena was absolutely terrific! I loved her spunk and "what a man can do so can I "attitude. It is not every woman that takes that approach instead most back down and admits that she cannot do everything a man can do, but Lena took no prisoners and fought every bit has hard as any man would when action is required. But this attitude is not always a good thing as the author showed when Lena goes down and needs to lean on someone to get back up, it is her determined attitude that prevents her from letting anyone in. I adored how the author transformed Lena to be a softer and more feminine heroine one outfit at a time and in the end I was more than happy with the results as it reminded me that when we hit a roadblock that requires chance in life it is not only the inside that needs to be examined.

The character of Trig was oh so very yummy and just plain to die for hero material. Honourable, loyal, strong, courages, sexy and just everything a woman could ask for.  I adored his little moments where he finds himself knowing he should not touch but goes for it anyway and then afterwards he feels the guilt. But what made him really unique was that even though he feels guilty he at the same time knows how much he loves Lena, has always loved her, and this balances out the guilt of betrayal to his promise to her brother , showing him in the light of "I know what I did was wrong but it was such a good wrong because the good that can come from it is so worth it".

The backdrop settings were exquisitely gorgeous and so stunning described by the author I felt as if I were wrapped up in the silk and could touch the colours being described, feel the warmth of the Turkish baths and hear the music flowing through me.

The dialogue was all sweet, sensual, sexy heat and left me breathless, entranced and begging for more! I felt every kind of emotion I want from a romance read, a little adrenalin, passion, sadness and joy.

I am taking away a message of when you are down, don't try to get back up on your own, leaning on someone for support does not show you as weak it merely shows you are human and not invincible or capable of always remaining upright, let go and let someone in, you give a little and the rest can come from a stronger person, the trick is to find the balance. And when you love someone always do everything you can to let them know, but do it the honesty way, for if you don't they might never be back in your arms.

I highly recommend this read for all romance fans looking for a hot, sexy, passionate fun and flirty read with a powerful and very memorable message of life and what can be if you let go. A definite must read from one of today's best selling authors!

5/5 star review
"She's down and he's there to pick her right back up and into his bed"