Race to Kill by Rachel Kall

Race to Kill (Love and Scandal Book 1)

Reviewed by Desere 

Being part of any campaign has to be one the most thrilling and exciting jobs in the world! You are right there for the action and race to take the win.

The drama that can unfold however, is one the least favorite parts and it takes a strong and very confident person to handle that kind of stress, go with the flow and hold out till the end when victory is declared.

But when you are the center point of the drama and all eyes are on you, it no longer is as easy as "Bring it on I can take it". You need to fight to get out on top, but when it turns deadly and it is a fight to stay alive, it becomes so much more than just a job.

It is the most important challenge of your life, and making it to the finish line will be the win of the century.

In this read from author Rachel Kall, these are the circumstances Vivian faces, she gets a huge promotion but instead of running full steam ahead to show everyone what she is made of, she ends up being suspect number one in the most important case of ex Delta Force operator Marcus (yes you read it right I said DELTA FORCE, from that alone you can tell this hero was all kind of amazing kick ass sex on legs), turned FBI agent.

He becomes not only her protector but also the one that will need to bring her down if she turns out to be the guilty party in a the crime of the century. The race to the final kill is on and things are about to get super hot and spicy!

The main characters of Marcus and Vivian were absolutely brilliantly written! I loved them both to bits! Strong, determined and ready to do anything in the name of their work. The author showed them both as we are all meant to be in real life, confident enough to take on the world to prove a point but weak enough to crumble when we reach the point where we realize the game play has changed and it is time to back down in order to let someone else lead, for alone with our own set of rules it simply will not work.

The backdrop settings and dialogue was all action, heated passion and kick ass romance! I simply could not stop myself from putting this read down once I stated ! It was as if I was in a world of passion found amongst a totally amazing, rocking, kick ass action film only far more intense!

The author kept my attention at all times, never a dull moment in this read. And my oh my was the suspense awesome! More than once I was shouting out loud " That did not just happen, really I did not see that coming".

I am taking away a message of not all is what it seems but if you want something bad enough fight for it, don't let first impressions fool you, dig around until you have all the facts once you have it all confirmed you will know for sure if it was just your mind telling you what and who you wanted or if it really was your heart leading you to happiness.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romantic suspense ! Truly edge of your seat reading material, I anticipate this one to make it all the way to the top.

5/5 * review
" Can he get her to the finish line alive?"