His Ultimate Prize by Maya Blake

His Ultimate Prize

Reviewed by Desere 

I have always, always adored racing! The ultimate rush when hearing those engines roar to life, the pure adrenalin form watching the cars speed by! But aside from drooling over the cars there are the totally delectable sex on legs racing drivers!

Now those are simply something that racing cannot exist without, so what more could I ask for when a kick ass author incorporates the world of racing into a beautiful romance? Absolutely nothing because this read had it all!

The thrills, the spills, the sexual heat so hot the pages went up in a fire-y blaze, the speed, the focus and amazing to die for characters with such heart-wrenching issues it felt as if my heart was breaking for them over and over again the more I read.

The read tells of the no nonsense learned to fight back the hard way Raven and her quest to help sexy dare devil Rafael De Cervantes recover to perfect health after a near fatal crash, which she believes is her fault. However as she helps him on his road to physical recovery she discovers a man in far more pain than he lets the world see. And when she falls for his charm she knows she is trapped with no way out, that is until he kicks her out to go racing!

The character of Rafael was simply gorgeous! One of those delicious tormented hero's that creeps into your heart to set up residence for a lifetime.  Powerful and a total dream hunk but with such heart breaking issues you cannot help but want to wrap him up in your arms and make it all better! I adored that the author let this character play out the message of when we blame ourselves for circumstances beyond our control it only manifests and darkness is the only end.

The character of Raven was my kind of heroine! Strong, confident and ready to kick ass at any given moment! I could not get enough of how brilliant the author pulled this character together, letting her not only shine with a wonderful " I will not ever go down" attitude but with a sense of calm even when the panic gets so overwhelming it feels as it one could shatter with the suspense Raven holds it all together and the only sign that she is falling is a mere frown or two.

The backdrop settings as you already guessed were amazing, the cars, the men, the woman the action the adrenalin, all so brilliantly brought to life. The dialogue was loads of fun and had it all, conflict, action, emotional drama and scorching hot sexual tension. The author not only reduced me to tears but also had me on edge with the suspense at what was coming next.

The message for me from this read was simply beautiful, the past is the past and only if you let it will it control you to the point where reality has no way of returning you back to the real world, if you need help be brave enough to realize it , it could not only save you but also set on the path to happiness.

I recommend this for ALL fans of racing hot romance reads, simply sexy, sensual, overwhelmingly gorgeous and best of all it has hot racing drivers! This author truly knows what she is doing behind the wheel or is that typewriter, laptop okay maybe pen and paper? Who cares, go and get a copy of this ultimate prize book of the year!

5/5 star review
" He races for the finish line, she races to save his heart"