The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jennifer Snow

Reviewed by Desere 

Leaving the love of your life for whichever reason always seems like a good idea when the time comes, but as we all know years later it could come back and blow those reasons out of the water, leaving you with all kinds of doubts as to whether you made the right decision.

In this read from author Jennifer Snow she shows just how those doubts can cause confusion, heartache but also how it can lead you to a lifetime of happiness if you dare to risk it.

The read tells of Victoria, twelve years ago she left her home town and headed for the big city and a excitement filled life. But she did not only leave behind her small-town hangup's she also left behind the one man she has always loved,Luke.

Now back in town to acquire the town's sports store she knows it is going to be the most difficult deal of her life, for the store owner is Luke.

But she is determined to get in, close the deal and get out before she falls for Luke all over again, but Luke has other ideas and if he has to pretend to not want to sell the store in order to keep Victoria in town so she can see they are meant to be together, than that is what he will do, but at what cost to his heart?

The character of Luke was simply fascinating, I loved that he was kind hearted and always wanting to do good but at the same time he was also a typical man, yes ladies this one loves 'em and leaves 'em the second they get too close. This showed him pretty much as most men are when they have loved and lost the only woman who ever made their hearts beat faster, they lost her and know they need to move on but it is easier said then done and thus they enjoy the fun along the way whilst still holding onto the past and ultimately in most cases this makes them the kind of man no woman wants to get involved with, for who wants to be with a man who's heart belongs to someone else.

The character of Victoria was very nicely written and the author showed her as many woman are when faced with the past. Confused, arguing with the voices in their heads telling them "This is it he is the one,  don't let him get away again", but their hearts telling them that he is not part of the dream you wanted. I really loved how the author let Victoria's conflicting emotions bounce from right to wrong , it really showed her as realistic, in real life we all know our minds never go from right to wrong immediately when dealing with our hearts, it is a back and forth battle.

The backdrop settings were vivid and very well incorporated, I loved the home-grown touch. The dialogue was pure emotion and truly heart-touching.

I am taking away a message of risking it all for a dream is not always a mistake, it can make you a better person and let you grow but when the time comes for a second chance listening to your heart and throwing caution to the wind don't run just take the risk !

I recommend this read for fans of sweet and sensual romance reads, a wonderful Christmas story of romance in a small town.

4 star review
" His kisses melt away all her well planned dreams"