Time or Money by Carly Fall

 Time or Money

Reviewed by Desere

This was a really short read only 10 chapters in total but also a very easy read as the words flowed very nicely and thus one of those perfect little quick afternoon reads.

It tells of Mason and Bridget, a married couple that have hit a really rough spot. Mason works long hours and has been doing so for months. The reason? He wants to make partner at the firm he works for in order to know that he will be able to provide a stable and financial secure future for Bridget and the children they have always said they would have.

But this focus causes him to forget their wedding anniversary and thus leads Bridget too all kinds of conclusions, as any woman would. But whenever she attempts to talk to Mason about it, they end up in a argument and eventually as the months go buy Bridget looses the energy to fight back and decides if he forgets Valentines Day then the marriage will well and truly be over.

Only when Mason walks in the door on Valentines Day and strips her naked for the first time in months she finds there is truly no easy way to walk away from her marriage or the man she loves, if only his time could be devoted to her instead of his job and the obsession to be at the top.

I truly enjoyed this read with all the emotion bouncing between the main characters,  the author created a very nice little picture of how couples can fall out of the happy routine and into the just another day routine. It was sad to see that such a wonderful marriage had indeed gone off the rails and just because of lack of communication .

However this did remind me that in real life this does sadly happen to so many couples and sometimes there is no fixing it as easy as it was in this book. I liked how the author let the heat explode at just the right moment in order to bring all the issues into the open, but what was so much fun was that after the heat exploded and the issues where discussed the author still let the issues hang and it seemed that this couple would still be doomed, but she twisted it nicely into this "Ah, here is that ending I was looking for", by using a gentle reminder of we all chase dreams but sometimes you have already reached them and there is no need to keep chasing, if you do you're bound to to forget the dream you had all along.

I recommend this read for any romance reader looking for a quick,easy, sexy read.

4 star review
" The most romantic day of the year is about to explode with passion "