Sugar Babies by Mickey J. Corrigan

Sugar Babies

Reviewed by Desere 

We all know is life is hard, and yes sometimes you need to do what you would never do under normal circumstances but when you have no choice and it comes down to survival you close your eyes and get going.

But some people don't care what they do at all, they would do anything and everything to get what they want. In this read from Mickey J.Corrigan she explores the side of woman who are pretty desperate and dead set on getting the fancy cars, jewels and shopping sessions they crave so yes, not really anything to do with surviving but more of a situation of not wanting to work for it, or rather not doing the most honourable job in the world or the most ladylike for that matter.

Their solution is shocking and scandalous but also in today's modern times very true, they become sugar babies and grab themselves a sugar daddy!

Now I will be the first to agree with you that from the above I would not really want to read this book, but I have learned that no book is to be judged by it's cover or in this case by it's blurb.

The author touched on some very realistic aspects of the woman of the modern world and just how far some will go to get what they want and along the way even find time to hit all the notes us normal woman hit, like hurt, despair, sadness and also happiness without begging, showing these woman as only human and looking to find the slot they are meant to be slotted into.

Because the read had more than one main character am not going to go into much detail on each one, I will only say that from the truly brilliantly fascinating Maire to the very highly intriguing Esme and very dark Niki they each had their own set of rules and took this read from 'So out of my league 'sounding to "Wow now ain't that the truth" and all though I cringed for some parts it was not all bad language and extravagant sex scenes as you may think.

It was actually pretty classy and nicely depicted by the author and best of all she dug into the real life aspects of what sugar babies have to face when wanting to find their own happiness. It also included a fascinating little mystery just adding to the real life feeling of this read, and I for one could not stop reading to find out if the mystery would be solved or if I would be left wondering, lucky for me the author did not leave me in suspense and wrapped up the lives of these woman and the mystery very neatly.

I recommend this read for anyone looking for something new and fresh with a realistic look into the comings and goings of the sugar daddy meets sugar babies of the world.

4 star review
" No one ever said the road to happiness was all sunshine and roses"


WOW! Let me begin by a quote at the very end of Mickey Corrigan's full length novel:

                          "I know my wife. She will read this manuscript at once, pouring over it as you have. She will  complete it in one sitting.  Like you, she will not be able to put it down. "

This quote sums up my exact experience with Sugar Babies!  An intensely dramatic, and sizzling story about three girls with dreams and the men who help make them into who they become! 

Wow!  I could not put it down, I would have read it in one sitting if I wasn't interrupted by family arriving and I literally poured over the whole story, my curiosity begging for more as I turned each page.

A fantastic opening captures me immediately.  Someone is writing the story... we dont know who yet but it's his story of three girls who come into his life, one who's spirit he breaks, one who's neck he breaks and one who he marries.

In a month by month account we meet the three girls, Marie, Niki and Esme.  Three girls playing the game... being Sugar Babies to their Sugar Daddies.  Professional Girlfriends to the old, rich and famous.  Marie is the brain child and runs a website which caters to the Sugar Daddies needs, she runs mixers with the babies and daddies... dreaming of earning a living from the memberships.  Niki and Esme and have dreams too.  They need the $$$ to make their dreams come true and being a professional girlfriend does just that.  

Of course anything that's too good to be true usually is and slowly the dreams start to unravel, one girl goes missing early in the piece, a multitude of suspects are around but perhaps she's just run away, unable to cope with the life of a professional girlfriend and all it brings.  One is drinking much to heavily and has her dream almost in the grasp of her hands before she puts two and three together to make five.  One is stuck with her Sugar Daddy as well as her boyfriend back home who she's earning all her $$$ for but then there's the complication of falling in love with someone who may possibly have something (but surely not) to do with her friends disappearance.

As things are slowly falling apart and the gold of Coconut Island is becoming quite tarnished before I knew it I reached the thrilling conclusion which neatly wrapped up all loose ends.  All I can say is WOW what a ride!

Sugar Babies is full of Mickey Corrigan's trademark sas and in your face language and thrilling descriptions which leaves most scenes up to your imagination which I thought totally added to this story because you're only limited by your imagination and boy did mine run wild with a thrilling, fast paced, risky and dangerous lives Marie, Niki and Esme were living.  I was taken back to the good old days of stories I read in wide-eyed teenage wonder by the likes of Jackie Collins and Shirley Conran.

I give this 5 stars because I litterally couldnt put it down, I was dying to get back to it while I was out with the family and because it was a very good read, especially as it's the first full lenght novel of Mickey's that I've read.  I was left satisfied by the surprising conclusion, as well as a bit sad.  But the point is it made me feel something and that gets a star from me :)


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker
Sugar Babies

In Mickey J. Corrigan’s latest book it starts off with the following:

     Three women. I broke one’s spirit, I broke another’s neck, and I married the third.

And I have to admit this reader was hooked from that point on. This book has a little bit of everything. From broken hearts, broken spirits, and a broken neck, along with more of a -who is it -behind these girls lives that impacted them in such a way.

This book tells the story of three women, all struggling with finances and wanting to better their lives. So they try to find Sugar Daddy’s. They are willing to have sex in exchange for what they perceive as the good life. And this is where the name Sugar Babies comes from.

We have Esme Grant, abused by the man she loves but willing to sell herself to make enough money so they can buy their dream bar. Stunningly beautiful, one wonders why she puts up with her her so called boyfriend.

Maire O’Rourke is the one who came up with the name of her service called Arranged Relations. With a Sugar Daddy old enough to be her Grandfather she is getting the funding and advice she needs to start her business.

And finally we have Niki Stephanopoulos. A student with a scholarship, but it does not cover the rent. Niki feels like a failure when she is forced to ask her parents for help. So Arranged Relations just might be the answer to her problems.

I struggled a little with the way the book was first laid out. But as you read along you will understand why the author did this. I have to admit Mickey did a great job with the guessing behind this. I was convinced that the man was the first one I choose, but I have to admit I started having doubts as the book went along. And I changed my mind two times before going back to my original suspect. And I totally loved how the book ended. Well done Mickey!

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.