Snowbound with Dr Delectable by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Desere

There are so many romance books out there that focus on the life after and during war of good old fashioned war-hero hotties! And I do love my war hero's very much, but it really does not happen a lot that I find a book that focuses on war but instead of a hero we find a war heroine.

In the new read from Susan Carlisle she takes her readers on a journey of life after war from a war heroine's side, and shows just how tough it is to try and bounce back from what is seen over on the other side.

The read tells of Dr Bailey Walker and how she needs to learn to face her fears when meeting the man of her dreams too-hot-too-handle Kyle Campbell.  She knows he is everything she needs to avoid this Christmas but when they get close enough to touch the heat bubbles to the top faster than you can say "Ready,set GO!"

The main characters of Kyle and Bailey were both super excellent and I truly enjoyed the heat between them and I found their compassion towards each other simply wonderful.

The author did a magnificent job at guiding me as reader through the terror Bailey faces. The descriptions of how she reacts to noise and the true fear she endures. I particularly loved that Kyle himself also has some issues of fear he needs to face to be able to get back out there.

It made the two main characters so much alike and I found myself entranced with wanting to keep reading to see how they will help each other.

The backdrop settings were a little bit of excitement and a lot of Christmas magic! The dialogue was one of those that I always find emotional but not so much to the point where you feel your heart is breaking but rather one that makes you truly live the feelings and experiences of the characters, urging you on to keep rooting for them as you know the end will be one of the most magical endings ever,and so worth it.

I am taking away a message that fears can be overcome when you are able to take a moment and look at the people that have come into your life, there is always a reason for them showing up when you did not want anyone near.

I recommend this read for all fans of Christmas romance reads, sensual, sweet and very sexy!

4.5 star review

"Snowbound with her savior" 

** Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review


Reviewed by Nas


SNOWBOUND WITH DR DELECTABLE by author Susan Carlisle is a November 2013 release by Harlequin and Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Dr Kyle Campbell doesn’t want to be on the slopes but due to unforeseen circumstance, he had to stand in for his colleague as volunteer for a week. For patrolling the skiing slopes. And the patrol head, Baylie Walker certainly didn’t want him there. Because sparks flew at their first meeting. They rubbed each other the wrong way, or maybe it was the right way?

Because they ended up sharing more than the patrolling job between them. Would their passion make them forget their past and allow them to move on?

SNOWBOUND WITH DR DELECTABLE was a fast paced, moving, uplifting and feel good romance. Packed with witty dialogue, intense emotion and sizzling love scenes. A poignant story about letting go of the past and seizing the day. The author Susan Carlisle took us on a skiing journey with her characters. The atmospheric details were realistically depicted amid all the medical drama.