An Aria for Nick by Hallee Bridgeman

An Aria for Nick

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine having everything going for you, a great musical career ahead of you and a loving boyfriend, but suddenly it all comes crashing down when he dies and your wrist is shattered along with your heart and future.

This is the situation Aria faces in the new read from the super talented Hallee Bridgeman. Aria picks up the pieces of her life and moves on, finds a new career and sets out on just living life to it's full everyday. Of course it does not completely work out perfectly but she gets a define A for trying.

But to make matters worst she finds herself smack bam in the middle of a mystery and fighting to survive.

Her rescuer? The man from her past, Nick! But before she can even so much as ask how he is suddenly back from the dead, she needs to play along with his plan in order to make it out alive, or she might never get the change to ask him where he went, why he is back or why he is leaving yet again.

The main characters of Aria and Nick were both brilliantly crafted by this author. I felt in touch with Aria's pain and suffering and with Nick's back and forth fight to climb from the darkness that is his mind.

Aria was unique and a true fighter heroine, she does not take things lying down and wallow in grief she instead does what needs to be done and get's it over and done with. This spirited attitude made her my kind of heroine, however she does also reach the moments where as in real life with us all she gets those " I am at the end of my rope" feeling and is not so sure she can push on. But this showed her as human and realistic and I loved every minute!

Nick was the dark and hidden character in this read, not because he has obvious issues stemming from his "death" but because he had such a tough time in life, which of course is in complete contradiction to the loving and almost perfect life Aria had. Through this character the author showed me as reader that not everyone has it all or has grown up with the bubble of loving perfection, and for this reason alone never ever judge someone by first appearances or their action for that matter, for you never know what they have been through.

I loved the background settings, full of action, excitement, suspense, drama and fantastic descriptions of the surroundings and just what the characters are facing, I could honestly touch the dessert heat and feel the danger. The dialogue was pure emotional brilliance !

A action packed, suspense filled, heartwarming, compelling read. The author has once again proven why she manages to truly touch the hearts of her readers and why her characters become apart of our souls and will forever live in our memories.

I am taking away a message of when we lose someone or life does not go the way we wanted it to, there is a reason. God might have something better planned for you, or it is simply not the right time for it to happen. Stay strong and be patient God knows what he is doing, keep the faith!

5/5 star review
" He's there to rescue her, but will he realize she is the one needed to rescue him?"