Too Much of a Good Thing by Joss Wood

Reviewed by Desere

Each and every decent sibling out there will tell you that when losing your parents and you're the most adult one of the kids, you will step up in a heartbeat and do whatever you need to do to raise your brothers or sisters.

It of course is not easy, when your friends are out on dates, you will be home helping with cooking and homework.  A full time parent with basically no life at all!

In the newest read from author Joss Wood she takes a look at just how difficult it can be when having to face this exact same situation up the the point where the kids are all grown up and you finally get the time to live.

But getting into the swing of things basically well and truly sucks, how do you get into dating and living it up when all you are use to is making sure homework is done and goals are met? Not easy at all and this is the dilemma Lu faces when her twin brothers are all grow up and she is left behind.

Lucky for her she comes face to face with the best time she will ever have Will Scott! The man is all kinds of delicious temptation and a guaranteed good time. But he is only in town for a short time and thus only fling material , perfect for getting her groove back for a future of fun.

However when Lu realizes she has fallen for Will and letting go will be far harder than letting "motherhood" go, she is no longer sure she set out on the correct path of fun, afterall the man will be gone before you know it.

The main characters were both awesome and I totally adored the heat between them. There was loads of humour and fun times in this read and it is one of those reads that will not only give you a fantastically written romance but also is guaranteed to get you out of any kind of sad or bad mood you might be trapped in.

The backdrop settings were so full of life and so inviting I just wanted to jump right in and play along with all the fun. The dialogue was classic Joss Wood, sweet and sensual sexy heat. Lu and Will were both so realistic that it was as good as if I was reading about friends, I truly felt connected to them both and the up's and down's they face.

I am taking away a message of we all dare to wish, but when the time comes being able to handle it is a whole other ball game. Always be prepared to face what you wish for, or else too much of a good thing might just send you free-falling from the sky!

I recommend this read for anyone looking for a great romance read with delightful characters and fun moments that will leave you feeling that perfect little happy ever after feeling we all seek!

5 star review
" The second she steps into his arms skydiving will be the least of her worries"