Holiday with a Stranger by Christy McKellen

Reviewed by Desere 

No guy wants to come home after weeks out on the road to find a beautiful naked woman in his bed, no wait that's a lie, most men do!

But not Connor Preston, he's tired and totally beat, all he wants his a good nights rest after weeks of very uncomfortable sleep.

But instead of his nice clean, cool sheets he finds a very naked and very tempting Josie wrapped up in his sheets, oh and the sheets are no longer clean either!

Wish just makes the situation worse, but it being late Connor reluctantly agrees to take the couch for the evening and have a stand off with the stranger in his bed in the morning. But when morning comes Josie refuses to leave, instead telling him she calls dips on his house!

Connor of course goes from slightly annoyed to outright furious and so begins the tumble of wits, conflicts, sexual energy so electrifying the pages nearly went up in flames and the journey to finally learning to stand up and fight.

I absolutely loved, loved, loved this book! It was so unbelievably perfect in every way it felt as if I was reading a best seller before it has even come close to the shelves! The author's characters were stunning and extremely realistic they not only creep into my heart but deep into my soul.

I loved how the author showed both the characters as feisty yet, also cautious of actually taking steps towards achieving goals they do not even really realize they need.  It showed them both as I recon a lot of us are in real life, we don't realize what is is that we need to do until it hits us with such a force it sends us down a spiraling hill that it seems impossible we will be able to get back up. For some it is too late but for others it is just the push they need.

The backdrop settings were so exquisite I was blown away by the author's vivid and intense descriptions, I could actually touch and hear each and every little detail being given. The dialogue was one filled with intense reality and left a very big impact on me as reader.

I'm taking away a message of life has a way of bringing someone into our lives to show us just what it is we are meant to be doing, yet if we do not stand up and take notice we will soon be trying to claw our way back up the the hill, and as we all know without help it will take much longer or not happen at all.

Someone comes knocking or in the case of Connor and Josie, ends up sleeping in your bed, pay attention before it's too late, life is trying to send you a message.

I HIGHLY recommend this read for each and every single romance fan. It was sweet, sensual, incredibly sexy and just plain amazing!!!

5/5 star review
" Getting her into his bed was easy, the trick is to make sure she stays there"