For One Night Only by Phillipa Fioretti

For One Night Only

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine going on a little getaway and in the process you lose your heart to a wonderful man, sounds familiar doesn't it? It happens all the time and in most cases it always works out and the couple life happy ever after.

But what if you new found love goes missing after your first passionate night together? Did he leave you because the new feelings are too much, or is it just you and that no man actually wants you for longer than one night, or is it far worse and he was taken against his will?

In this read from author Phillipa Fioretti, this is the dilemma Ornella faces when her new lover Hugh ends up missing from their lovers nest.

She has no idea what happened to Hugh, and is very tempted to stay and find out , but she has work to get back to and being an actress and her agent breathing down her neck to get back to the screen test, she is torn between choice.

Her heart is telling her Hugh would not just leave her and her mind tells her to get over it and get back to work, it's a decision no woman wants to make especially if you can't shake the feeling that the love of your life has no chance at survival without you.

I enjoyed this read very much, it had a lot of mystery that was well planned and kept my attention. I did like that the author did something different as oppose to the usual goes on holiday falls in love has a dark moment (argument) and then it all ends after being resolved.

The hero going missing was new, fresh and exciting new look at a holiday romance read. It showed how a new staring relationship can go from zero to blossoming to lost and found again. I very much enjoyed the mystery elements in this read, it kept my attention however I will advise if you are a reader that tends to lose focus quickly then this read is not for you, it takes some serious focus to ensure you stay with the characters all throughout the read and the happenings of the mystery behind the disappearance.

I recommend this read for any fan that likes to read mystery with a touch of romance and heartache.
4 star review
"One night reveals more truth's then what they bargained for"