Cat got your tongue? by Rae Rivers

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Reviewed by Desere

Definitely the most awesome Rae Rivers read ever ! The read tells of Alex and how she is hired to protect sexy billionaire Cole Anderson.

Someone is out to steal his latest acquired art work, the Renoir, and because Alex has experience and knowledge of both the cat burglar world and the dealings of the police she is the perfect candidate to ensure the priceless Renoir remains safe and sound in the hands of Cole.

But once she starts protecting Cole, she not only breaks the rules by falling into bed with him, but also soon realizes it's not only the Renoir they thieves are after, they are out to kill Cole and will stop at nothing to finish the job.

The real question, can she protect the man as a client and as the man she loves, or will she need to give up and walk away all together to protect the mystery of the century?

I totally loved this read. It had something for every reader , kick-ass action, blazing hot sex, tender romance and mystery. I adored that the author let the hero and heroine both be equal in being able to fight with the toughest of thieves. In most reads we find the heroine lacking in being able to stand up and fight back, they can do it verbally but when it comes to using their fists it is always the hero that steps in to safe the day.

There is of course nothing wrong with this, as I'm sure every female reader will agree with me, it is rather nice to have a man offering you his ultimate protection. But it was very refreshing to see a heroine that can use her fists just as well as any hero out there.

It let the relationship between Alex and Cole, form on a whole new level which I thoroughly enjoyed. The most fascinating part of this read was of course the mystery behind who wants Cole dead, where the stolen art works from fifth-teen years ago has disappeared to and why the Renoir is so important.

It was brilliant to have a good old fashioned mystery laced with romance and I could not stop myself from wanting to know it all, I could not put this read down even if someone had payed me a million dollars it would definitely not have let me give this read up!

The author also described the artwork with such vivid detail it was as if I could reach and out and touch them all, absolutely stunning Rae! I highly recommend this read for every reader out there, seriously SEXY!

I'm taking away a message of life has many sides but when we tend to stay between the lines instead of picking a side and sticking to it, something will eventually come around to knock us from the fence and if you're not prepared you will go down in flames.

5/5 star review
"Does she protect the man or the mystery ?"