Secure Target by Rebecca Crowley

 Secure Target

Reviewed by Desere 

Serial killers always have a certain image of their victims, yes one the images being of the victim bleeding all over the place whilst begging for their lives, but before that comes the right hair color, the right job, the right car what ever it may be the falls right into my victim slot" image is there first.

Of course which ever reason they have for acting out their sick, twisted and delusional  fantasies never makes any sense to us normal people, and getting involved on any level is the furthest thought from anyone's mind.

That is unless you're trained to bring down these type of scum that roam earth without a second thought. In this read from author Rebecca Crowley she tells the story of such a hero. Bronnik is always focused , it's get in, secure the target, bring down the bad guy.

But as we all have learned from the press, serial killers always have a trick up their sleeves and sometimes they succeed in their vicious killing sprees for years before they are caught and the good guys hunting them don't always get to the victims in time, they lose focus and the end result is another score for the killers hit-card.

So when Bronnik is assigned to keep the next intended victim Lacey safe he goes all out and vows to make no mistakes, he refuses to let the killer score yet again. But Lacey entrances him like no other woman and once he has her in his arms he promises to never let her go, that is if he can stay focused long enough for her to not end up dead.

This was one of the best action, kick-ass, car chasing, guns blazing , heart pounding, race to finish line reads I have ever read. The characters were simply amazing and so well written they seemed to leap from the pages and straight into my heart.

The author made sure the read contained everything a action romance lover like myself needs. I was kept on the edge of my seat at all times, completely addicted ! The author kept me entertained with twists and turns and the killer popping up everywhere, and every-time I did not expect it, there was no way I could anticipate the next move.

The backdrop settings were stunning, some set in Kansas and others in Cape Town, each location was described by the author to a perfect mirror image and with vivid clarity. The dialogue was all action packed laced with beautiful romance. The author does every now and then use a few Afrikaans words, which is the preferred language of the hero, which made this read extremely special for me.

It is not everyday I get to read about a delicious hot sexy hero saving a damsel in distress whilst using the humorous wording of my own language, I found this to be refreshing and simply awesome!  Nor will I ever look at my local law enforcement in the same way again, the author certainly did her research and showed that South African Law enforcement hero's are every bit as hot and kick -ass as the other hero's we find in romance reads from other parts of the world.

If you think you will not fully be able to understand the odd Afrikaans word here and there, do no fear, just as in other reads where authors use a French or Italian phrase but with clarity shining through in the rest of the sentence with the wording, backdrop and scene being played out, you will be able to understand what is happening.

I highly recommend this read for all fans who love a kick-ass, loaded with action, oozing passion and breathtaking romance book! In fact I highly recommend everyone to go out and pick up a Rebecca Crowley book, once you get into her reads you will be begging her with your very last dying breath to write more !

5/5 Star Review
"This is one target he intends to secure and keep forever"